Sailing Club Contributed - NC State Sails

The NC State sailing team traveled to the Gill College Sailing Coed Nationals that took place June 7-8. This was the first time the team has qualified for nationals in the club’s nearly 70-year history. 

In Division A, the Pack had Scott Harris (‘22), Olivia Sowa (‘24), Mack Brooks (‘21) and Olivia Gregg (‘22) representing it in the competition. The Division A team finished in 17th place with 230 points. Additionally, the team had five top-ten finishes with one second-place finish in the eighth race of the regatta. The team held 17th place overall for most of the competition, due to multiple 16th and 17th place finishes over the course of the two days. 

Adam Larson (‘23) and Isabella du Plessis (‘24) represented NC State in the B Division. The two earned 13th place with 196 points. The Division B team had one first-place finish in the second race of the regatta, which catapulted them to third place at that point. There was a dip in their performance after that, but they still managed to earn seven top-ten finishes following that peak. Those top-ten finishes later in the regatta helped the team steadily rise through the ranks to finish in 13th. 

In total, NC State earned 426 points and 17th place in the regatta. The US Naval Academy secured the top spot after finishing first in most of the races, especially past the fourth race. The Naval Academy’s Division A team achieved a sub-100 score of 88 points. Stanford University finished next, with their Division B team earning a sub-100 score of 93 points. Jacksonville University earned third place and their Division A team earned the final sub-100 score of 82 points.

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