Golf Paxton Swings

Sophomore Easton Paxton takes a swing while driving a ball at Lonnie Poole Golf Course on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018. Paxton finished round two with an even score.

The Wolfpack men’s golf team began its fall season at the Rod Myers Invitational on Sept. 11 and 12. After finishing 20th of 30 in the NCAA Championship over the summer, NC State came back strong to finish second of 14 with a score of 24-under par.

Junior Maximilian Steinlechner placed first for the Pack and second overall, just behind UNC’s Ryan Gerard. Steinlechner’s best round was the first, where he shot for 5-under par. This round was consistent with what he had near the end of last season. Round two and three had Steinlechner shooting 4-under par and overall, he shot 13-under par.

Graduate student Tim Bunten placed sixth overall, and second on the Pack’s roster. Bunten’s best round was the third, where he shot 5-under par. His worst was the first round, where he shot 1-over par. Overall, Bunten shot 7-under par and showed continuous improvement throughout the two days.

Junior Spencer Oxendine tied for 16th overall and placed third for NC State. Oxendine shot very well in the first two rounds, shooting for 3-under par both times. In the third round, he shot for 4-over par, which led him to shooting only 2-under par overall. This is a big improvement for Oxendine who shot 6-over par overall last season.

Sophomore Ethan Choi tied for 23rd overall and was fourth for the Wolfpack. His best round was the third, where he shot 2-under par. Choi’s worst round was the first where he shot 3-over par, but he showed improvement over the three rounds and shot 2-over par overall.

Graduate student Easton Paxton tied for 45th overall and was fifth on the Pack’s roster. Paxton shot 1-under par in his best round, the first, but did not perform as well in the last two rounds. The second round was the worst for him, where he shot 5-over par. Overall, Paxton shot 8-over par. Paxton saw a heavy decline in performance at the NCAA Championships in May and he performed about the same this weekend.

Junior Brandon Einstein competed individually and tied for 16th. Einstein shot 2-under par overall, with his best round being the second where he shot 2-under par. He shot 1-over par in the first round. Redshirt freshman Jake Herring also competed individually and tied for 61st place. In his best round, Herring shot for 1-over par, with his worst round having Herring shoot for 7-over par.

The men’s golf team will have another outing to Bridgeport, West Virginia for the Mountaineer Invitational on Oct. 4 and 5.

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