Breaking News Graphic (campus)

Graphic by Kyle Howe

Kent Klyman and David Harrison, two former members of the NC State baseball program, pleaded guilty to charges in connection with an assault and breaking and entering incident that occurred March 24, according to WRAL.

The pair’s charges stemmed from an incident that took place in Hudson Hall at Wolf Village back in March. According to the News and Observer, the victim, Jonathan Conner Monroe, had previously been in a relationship with Klyman’s sister. 

After Monroe tried to see Klyman’s sister repeatedly, Klyman and his roommate, Harrison, went to Wolf Village and confronted Monroe, where according to the N&O, Klyman hit Monroe multiple times. 

Klyman was charged with assault and battery and breaking and entering to terrorize or injure. Klyman’s charges will be dropped and dismissed after he serves 12 months of probation and completes 225 hours of community service, according to the N&O. He was also ordered to pay over a thousand dollars in restitution as part of his guilty plea. Klyman’s case is scheduled for review on August 9.

Harrison pleaded guilty to misdemeanor of breaking and entering in agreement with a condition discharge with the consent of the State, defendant and the victim, according to WRAL. Harrison will serve six months of probation and perform 75 hours of community service. His case is scheduled for review on July 14.