The Wolfpack Baseball team and spectators watch on as Senior catcher Brad Debo swings agaisnt Tennessee Tech at Doak Field on Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020. The Wolfpack beat the Golden Eagles 15-1.

NC State Athletics and the Wolfpack Club announced a $15 million phased facility project to upgrade Doak Field at Dail Park, originally opened in 1966, on Thursday, Jan. 6. The project is in collaboration with Ewing Cole.

The Doak Field at Dail Park Stadium Enhancement Project is set to be broken into three phases: competitive team performance spaces, facility improvements and fan experience upgrades, according to the project’s homepage.

The first phase of the project is set to begin following the 2022 season, according to a release from NC State Athletics, with 46 first-time donors contributing thus far.

“This is not only the right time, it is probably well overdue if you talk to former players,” said NC State baseball head coach Elliott Avent in a video on the project’s homepage. “The time is here and it is the time for it. The reason it’s gonna happen is all the hard work those former players have put in. They are the ones that got this done. The time is right and we are gonna do it the right way. Just happy that it is finally here.”

Each phase is broken down further with the competitive team performance spaces phase including locker room, team lounge, nutrition and sports medicine, weight room, batting facility and pitching lab. The facility improvements phase including a new playing surface, LED lighting, scoreboard and sound system upgrade, relocated bullpens and branding opportunities. The fan experience upgrade phase including seating variety and quality, premium and entertainment space, concession upgrades and a new shaded area.

“When you have a historic venue like Doak and you have an opportunity to expand on that and to make it better, make it more special if you will, that is the opportunity we saw and that’s the opportunity we are going to seize upon,” said NC State athletics director Boo Corrigan.

A full digital walkthrough of the planned upgrades and further reactions from Avent and Corrigan are included on the project’s homepage.

According to the team, if fundraising exceeds $15 million, additional phases will be added.