visual wellness wednesday 9/6

As we sit in the reality that school has begun, I understand the anxiety surrounding this new beginning for each of us. There is something exciting yet nerve-wracking about the start of a new year when it seems like an incredible amount of uncertainty is knocking on every door. Whether you are a freshman, a senior or somewhere in between, we are all enduring this shared experience of starting new.

Let me validate that you can still cherish and embrace all the good that came before, however, it is possible to discover beauty in having a clean slate. New beginnings can be joyful, challenging, refreshing and unclear simultaneously, but there is a certain freedom that comes with the unknown. New beginnings make room for unforeseen friendships, accomplishments, goals and lessons you can utilize for future guidance.

Instead of viewing the beginning of this school year in a negative light, let us reframe it in a way that is optimistic and encouraging. Think about it. You have the opportunity, the privilege, of using this school year to develop improved habits and behaviors. The changes you make should enhance your life and push you to become the person you are striving to be. When we are optimistic about change, we are more receptive to it.

So what can you do to embrace this new beginning of yours? First and foremost, stop fearing failure! Failure isn’t always a bad thing, but it surely shouldn’t keep you from seeking opportunities. Even if failure occurs, these instances can be utilized to help shape you in beneficial ways. 

This step coincides with the act of making peace with your past. Do you have regrets? Sure. Did you make any mistakes? We all do. As I stated before, it is completely OK to cherish what has gone well for you, but holding on to the past will only limit you from reaching your potential. Offer yourself a bit of grace. 

The last suggestion I have is to commit yourself to appreciating this new beginning. This involves both mental and physical commitment to wanting better for yourself. Write down your goals, reach out to those that can help you get closer to them, and surround yourself with people that will uplift you. Constantly remind yourself you are an ambitious and gritty self-advocate that is capable of achieving what you so greatly desire. 

This is your year, Wolfpack! It is in your power to make the most of it.