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To get lost in something with others is a familiar feeling that seems to be fleeting in today's society. It’s sad, yes, but music is one of the few things that can bring us to this feeling time and time again. Music, while incredibly specific, can also be enjoyed as a collective. 

Have you ever been in the car with friends and your favorite song comes on, and the volume is blasted and whatever day it is, wherever you guys are going, whatever it is on your mind, suddenly it doesn’t matter anymore for a few seconds? Those few seconds where time stops and you are truly in the moment is a feeling I crave every day. And here, on NC State’s campus, my peers have successfully brought me that feeling. 

The bands created by the students of NC State are like hidden happiness gems that have been emerging from the surface at parties the more and more I listen to them. It seems like now everyone knows a person who is a part of a band, or is friends with someone who knows someone in a band. Nevertheless, there is a surplus of musical talent on NC State’s campus, with DJs also being a part of the live music scene on campus. This is leading to a more musical party life that creates an environment that may be less intimidating to new and or outcast students. 

The great thing about live music is that you don’t have to worry about awkward conversations or standing, you can just dance and listen to the music. Recently I have been to parties where the host has their friends playing in a band to entertain people, whether it is their music or covers of popular songs, the people in the crowd love it. I remember, in one instant, hearing enthusiastic comments from the girls behind me as they bobbed their heads to the music. This brought a huge smile to my face as I realized the genuine happiness this band playing music was bringing to those around me. 

Growing up listening to live music, I didn’t quite realize the appeal it has for others, and to see this shared love for live music when it pops up on campus is a pleasant sentiment to have. The emergence of so many bands at parties is just one example of the growing love for live music on campus. 

Not only is it exciting to see people your age jamming out and performing for you and your friends, it is also exciting to know the people on that stage in return. As you are dancing, you can look to your left and right and see people that you may have never expected to dance along, completely getting lost in it. What a tender and wholesome scene to be experiencing first hand, and all because of a small band a few feet in front of you. 

I love seeing the new-ish bands gaining popularity and appreciation for their music, which is probably exactly what they are looking for. I imagine the feeling of looking slightly down at the crowd sprawled in front of you, them moving along with the beat that you are playing, has got to be a great one.

Where the music is being played isn't too hard to find as social media plays a large role in the live music culture at State. Bands like Late Notice, By George, and Weston Estate are North Carolina and NC State centered to an extent, though they may be looking to extend their reach. 

Late Notice is performing on Feb. 3 and By George is performing Saturday, Feb. 5 at The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh, which is a great opportunity for them to play in front of an audience apart from students. As these bands grow, there is real potential for them to make money and develop a career from this passion as well. 

If other students who go to NC State want to try and make music, they can use the music booths located in D. H. Hill Jr. Library. Here one can find full 88-key MIDI controllers/keyboards, professional microphones, turntables, cassette decks, sequencers, digital audio workstations, media editing tools and software. This provides students with a lot of resources to experiment with making music.

Everyone can gain something from listening to the live music available on campus. There is no list of who can get in, and truly everyone is welcome. There is safety in knowing that everyone around you is there to enjoy the music as well, creating an atmosphere where people can get closer, and be more real with one another.


My name is Riley Sipe and I am a third-year here at NC State. My major is English with a concentration in rhetoric and professional writing. I joined the Technician to provide new perspectives and information useful for students on campus.