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I first started at Technician my freshman year as a news correspondent. Hard to believe, right? After one published article, I soon realized that I had no interest in writing news. After a six month hiatus, I came back in the spring as a sports correspondent (ironic now) where I was first introduced to Tristan Tucker. Who knew that he would eventually stalk my socials to find out I was interested in photography, which prompted him to ask me to interview for the photo editor position.

When I was first hired, I had no clue what I was doing and was the sole photo editor running the section for the first time in years. I have to thank Jaylan and Caryl for showing me the ropes, answering my millions of questions and for giving me the job even though I was the only candidate. Tristan, I cannot thank you enough for being such a great friend and mentor to me; you’re definitely one of the reasons I got into graduate school.

To everyone on Vol. 102, thank you for welcoming me into Technician and Student Media with open arms and for teaching me so much about college and life outside of the newsroom. Our obscure print night arguments, e-board birthday parties and potlucks are memories I will never forget.

While I thought Vol. 103 could never measure up to Vol. 102, I was so wrong.

This year has been nothing short of fun and challenging and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing assistant, Ethan Rimolt — despite my initial reaction when I heard I was getting an assistant.  

Ethan, you are the glue that held me together when I wanted to pull my hair out, whether it was because of my own chaotic schedule or because of a repeated Oxford comma in 15 captions. Hallie and Emily, y’all have made this job exponentially better and easier than it was my first year and I cannot thank you both enough for your hardwork and dedication. I have no doubt that you three will continue to grow the Student Media photo section into a better and bigger section than it already is. Also, a huge shoutout to Ray Black III for being the best photo staff advisor I could ask for.

To all of the staff photographers and photo correspondents, you rock! I have seen you all grow from your first emails of wanting to join Student Media to where you are today and y’all never fail to amaze me with your creative talent and eye for photography. 

Sam and Shilpa, I have become so close with both of you this past year and I know that y’all will continue to always be there for me no matter where we end up next year. Wade, whether it’s you chirping in my ear about RED or coming to sit by me just to eat my snacks, you’re the biggest pain but it wouldn’t be right if it was any other way. Thanks in advance for my rides home from the bar in a couple of weeks. 

To everyone on Vol. 103, y’all have become some of my closest friends and have made this past year so special. Emily, Heidi, Myra and Abigail, although I complain about y’all sitting in my spot, I secretly enjoy being crowded by y’all. Mari, you never fail to make me laugh and I will always compare every guacamole I eat to yours. Knowing that I have the support from 20 (or 21 if we’re counting Hemily) people is so comforting and I wish you all nothing but the best. 

Whether you’re returning next year, graduating or have already graduated and are reading this, these past two years at Technician have made my college career. Without Technician, I definitely would’ve gone to bed earlier on Tuesday nights, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed my time at NC State nearly as much. 

Vol. 104, y’all are gonna kill it and I’m looking forward to all of the amazing content y’all produce. 

Peace out, girl scout.


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