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When some people go to college, they know exactly what they want to do: join student government, Greek life, Living and Learning villages, honors or fellows programs, you get the gist. By no means was that me.

I came to Technician on a whim as a freshman. I had a broken foot, so I didn’t have the energy to get far or do any physical activity. I was running out of options. Technician seemed like a great idea; it was less than a minute walk from my dorm in Tucker and I could get paid to write! How easy, how fun. Little did I know, being a student journalist would be a core part of my identity and probably the best thing I’ve done with my life so far.

In my few years at Technician, I've met with students and listened to them passionately talk (in SG’s case... debate... for hours) about initiatives they’re invested in. I’ve covered several protests and watched my peers stand up and fight for change and for what they believe is right. I’ve had the opportunity to showcase the excellence that lives in abundance here at our school, and it has been an honor.

At Technician, our goal is to bring our readers coverage that educates and entertains, but I personally hope that our readers have been as inspired as I have been by my peers these last few years.

For any of us, the past two years have not come without its challenges. We were pulled away from our friends, classes, sports games and events without notice. And, for the past year and a half, we’ve been dealing with how to make the most out of less-than-ideal circumstances.

Of course I was sad about that too, but I was heartbroken that my final year with my family at Technician wouldn’t be what it was supposed to be. I grieved the little things about being in person on production nights like food runs, Bachelor/ette Mondays and our conference room meetings.

Through all of this madness, however, our correspondents and staff members have shown dedication for this organization and have been a critical part of documenting a pretty historical year. I admire your hard work; thank you for everything.

Despite the setbacks of being remote, this year’s editorial staff has blown me away. Every person on staff went above and beyond, ensuring that no matter what, the NC State community would get the news, and it would be good. I wouldn’t have wanted to go through this year with anyone else. You are all immensely talented and working with you guys has truly been a gift. I’m lucky to call you guys my friends.

To staff members from Volume 98 to 101, I just want to say that you all made the bad days easier and the good days even better. Because of you, the third floor of Witherspoon Student Union became my home.

Before I was managing editor, I spent two and a half years neck-deep in the news section. Every news editor I worked with struck me with their passion for storytelling and covering the news. Most people don’t know what the job is like until they are in it, and I got lucky to work with skilled editors who I learned from every single day. It wasn’t a cakewalk, but I wouldn’t trade my time with each of you for the world.

I wouldn’t have made it without the support of my editor, Rachael Davis, and multimedia managing editor, Jaylan Harrington. Rachael, your positivity and drive were lights in your astounding leadership. Under your guidance, Technician flourished. Thank you for letting me be a partner in this crazy journey. Jaylan, I’m so excited to watch you and your team next year. I know it’s going to be brilliant, and Technician is in the most capable hands.

Finally, to the editor-in-chief, managing editor and news editor who gave me a shot to be an assistant news editor three years ago, thank you. You believed in me and trusted me and I’m forever grateful.

Serving as a part of Technician has truly been a dream come true. I’m so sad to be leaving, but so proud of what we’ve done here.

Signing off,

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