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Editor’s Note: In order to follow the journalistic ethic of right of reply, we have published Chadwick Seagraves’s submitted response to our editorial about him, which was originally published on Jan. 19, titled “NC State administration harboring Seagraves contradicts its ‘anti-racism stance.’” 

After reading the passionate editorial about me recently published in the Technician, I feel compelled to respond. I support the editors in voicing their opinion and submit for consideration this account of my experience. 

Of the hundreds of published articles about me, the only media outlet that has published my full statements was the 11-25-20 article in the News and Observer. Almost every other writer has ignored the explanations and context given there and continued to repeat the same content to amplify claims made without context, used biased phrasing, made subtle additions and changes that further my defamation with each retelling, and provided fodder for others to check off almost every point in Jonathan Rauch’s “Cancel Culture Checklist”

I am not a white supremacist and never have been. I have not been affiliated or associated with organized groups of any type in years. I did not “dox” an NCSU student. I’ve never had access to protected student information. I never left my county on January 6th, ‘21. I am not a threat to anyone. I am a good person, as many of you know. 

I have always upheld the values and goals of the university. I have not discriminated against a single person at the university. I welcome any accusations or investigations claiming otherwise because I know how I have conducted myself as a manager and employee, who, until only recently, has been recognized as a valued member of campus

Let me tell you what my life is like now. I do not seek your sympathy or pity, for I have found that outside of a tiny minority, I cannot expect any. In fact, I assume that most will rejoice at my telling, but some of you may find it relevant to see how one is “canceled”.

I have received threatening and harassing phone calls from a campus phone and email address, one from a person claiming to be a librarian. “Kill Chadwick Seagraves” was painted in the Free Expression Tunnel. I have been encouraged to believe I will be “fragged”. A property I used to live at was horribly vandalized. Many of my oldest friends are my loudest critics and say things like “I hope you die alone and in pain”. These examples barely scratch the surface of the attacks I receive. My reputation has been so thoroughly immolated that even when I am legally able to tell my story it will be buried in the hundreds of half-truths, lies, and standardized assumptions of guilt started by the “highly trustworthy ”Anonymous Comrades Collective

Many of you may think this is fair treatment. I would ask you, however, to strongly evaluate your personal views on whether violence is ever justified against an individual based on what their views are perceived to be and what words might be used to describe behavior like that. The tragic passing of UNCW professor Mike Adams is a reminder of one impact of such actions.

I realize trust has been lost and relationships damaged. I do want to express my sincere regret for distress or hurt you have experienced. I continue to be extremely proud of this institution and the people who compose it — especially our students who genuinely care about the world and others. I am committed to fostering a welcoming, safe, and diverse environment at NC State.  

We all have our own stories, experiences, beliefs, personalities, culture, heritage, etc. that make us unique. That uniqueness is to be cherished and protected. We are strong together because of our differences and diversity, not in spite of them. One might even say “Wolfpack strong.”