Also: No. 4 NC State WBB hosts No. 3 Louisville in huge Reynolds matchup tonight; Student-led nonprofit supports survivors; Arguing for legal marijuana.
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Here are this week's top stories:

No. 4 Pack women’s basketball to host soaring No. 3 Louisville Cardinals

Pack women’s basketball is gearing up for a marquee matchup against the Louisville Cardinals in a top-5 battle on Thursday, Jan. 20.

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NC State students, faculty to redesign floor inspired by fascist architect

A team of students will work with design school faculty to redesign a floor in the Allred Gallery in Kamphoefner Hall which is inspired by a fascist architect.

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Student-led nonprofit Lux Resources supports survivors of sexual violence

Lux Resources, a nonprofit startup from two NC State students, aims to reevaluate the process by which survivors of sexual violence can find support and legal aid during the healing process. Read More



LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Marijuana legalization is an uphill battle

With 18 different states legalizing cannabis products, guest columnist Michael Oakes writes in favor of weed legalization, arguing that taking the recreational drug is no different than having a drink at a bar.  Read More



NC State football to hold walk-on tryouts

With NC State football coming off another winning season, the Pack will be looking to bolster its depth for the future by holding tryouts for students. Read More