The Ask Us desk at D.H. Hill Library has gotten a makeover to encourage social distancing COVID practices. On Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, spray shields, and social distancing tables are observed to keep everyone safe.

The University Libraries on campus offer many different resources that students may be unaware of. Here are some of the resources available to students. 

Events and Workshops

The library has many exciting events each week. Events that go on include the Global Film Series, Making Space series, a variety of guest speakers, State of Sound sessions and more. The library also has many workshops students can attend. Some of the workshops coming up cover topics such as science writing, E-textiles, sewing, 3D printing and more. Along with that, the library has a Twitch channel where librarians stream content from coding to demonstrations of different skills like photo editing.

Textbooks/Course Resources

The library is a great place to get any textbook or resource a student may need for a course. It has a whole database where students can look up their specific class and find the textbook/reserves they need. There’s also a librarian who specializes in each course that a student can reach out to if they need help or have any questions. If the library doesn’t have a book a student may need, they can use Tripsaver to request the book at another library. 

Digital Media Space and Makerspace

The Digital Media Space is a place where students can go to use any audio and video equipment they need. It offers rooms with green screens, music booths and more. Along with that, the library also offers Makerspace which includes Virtual Reality Labs with VR Headsets where anyone can play games. There are also places where anyone can use 3D printers, 3D scanners, vinyl cutters, sewing machines and more.

Technology Lending Service

The library allows students to rent any sort of technology they may need, even if it’s not for school purposes. This includes laptops, cameras, calculators and projectors. There are also specialists there who will help students find the technology that’s right for them.

Specialized Help

If a student ever has trouble with anything, they need to be sure to ask the library for help. The library offers many different specialists for any academic or technological need. Some examples are librarians that will help students with research, using data software and video production. Along with that, the library has videos on how to find articles, search for books, pick a topic for research and more all on its website. First-year and transfer students are offered a personal librarian to help them with anything they need. If students ever feel like they’re struggling in their classes and need tutoring, the library has the Academic Success Center where they can get the help they need through weekly group tutoring, writing help and one and one tutoring.

Both D.H. Hill on central campus and Hunt on Centennial campus are incredible resources for students with much more to do than studying. If students want to learn more, they can visit the library’s website.