Quiet Reading Room in Hunt

Students work in the quiet reading room June 19, 2015. The room, located on the second floor of Hunt Library, is well-lit and has large tables, perfect for spreading out notebooks and textbooks during any study session.

The spring semester can be so long, and it’s easy to lose steam when it comes to motivation and balancing schoolwork with the rest of life. Our editors share their best advice for powering through the second half of the school year. 

Shilpa Giri, Editor in Chief

My biggest piece of advice is to remember to take breaks. While the urge to grind all the time can be strong, working with no breaks sprinkled in is more harmful than beneficial. I personally enjoy pulling up pomodoro study playlists on YouTube and using those to keep my study sessions structured. Creating a to-do list and scheduling your work is a great way to make sure you have enough time to balance your school, work and personal life, including some time off to do whatever you want.

Abigail Ali, News Editor

Making it through the spring semester is really difficult for me, especially as the temperatures get warmer. One way I help boost my mood and motivation during the spring semester is finding places to do homework outside, such as outside a coffee shop or an outdoor space on campus. I also make sure to get in plenty of walks and exercise during the week. I have found taking the opportunity to get outside boosts my mood and makes me more productive on the days I get stuck and don’t feel like doing much. 

Heidi Reid, Assistant News Editor 

The best way to stay motivated is to think about the bigger picture, rather than the current cause of stress. One assignment will not make or break your career goals, and it is crucial to keep that in mind throughout the semester. 

Emily Vespa, Assistant News Editor

One way I avoid burnout is doing homework with other people. I find that it makes schoolwork more enjoyable because I’m spending time with friends. They can also help keep you accountable for finishing assignments on time. 

Myra Bari, Culture Editor

I used to be a hammock girlie in high school — I still pull mine out occasionally when the weather is sunny. They’re perfect to nap in and so relaxing. There are a bunch of spots around Owen Hall, and Court of North Carolina, and if you’re looking for spots off campus, Dorothea Dix Park is always empty, especially during the weekdays. 

Jameson Wolf, Assistant Culture Editor

I tend to lose motivation relatively quickly in the spring semester, and the biggest thing that I have found to save my grades is to create systems that help me stay on track early on. Use your syllabi to put all your assignments in one place (I’m personally partial to spreadsheets, but Google Calendar or a good old fashioned Notes app gets the job done as well). Work your meal planning, work time and rest time into your schedule from the get-go and it will be easier to maintain throughout the semester.

Mariana Fabian, Opinion Editor

At the beginning of the semester, I take all my syllabi and compile the due dates for all my assignments into a Google Sheet. I color code the courses as well, and separate them from Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes to Tuesday/Thursday. I also bold more important assignments like papers, exams or projects. I bookmark this sheet so I never lose it in the sea of tabs I usually have open. I’ve done this for the last three semesters and it’s proved to help keep much better track of my coursework throughout the semester. 

Mary Kate Giuffrida, Assistant Copy Desk Chief

My biggest tip for the spring semester is to keep your mind on the end goal. It can be really easy to slow down and let yourself fall behind, especially after a stressful fall semester, but reminding yourself of why you are putting in all of this work can be a great motivator. Also remember that sometimes giving yourself a break is just as, if not more, important than that midnight due date.

Ellie Bruno, Design Editor

Spring semester for me is the light at the end of the tunnel. As the weather changes and flowers start blooming, I find myself going outside more often to catch up on my vitamin D — at least until my allergies start to kick in. Spending time outside and enjoying nature keeps me motivated throughout the weeks, so take advantage of the beautiful spots around campus.