student senate graphic

Graphic by Noah Weaver

The Student Senate conducted its final meeting of the fall semester on Nov. 17. The Senate passed six bills, among them the Mental Health Initiative Act. The treasury announced it achieved $2 million ever allocated as appropriations to student organizations.

Zoe Smith, a third-year studying political science and French, was appointed director of sustainability. She plans to implement a sustainability module for incoming students.

“One of the main issues I’ve seen both as a student and in a position of leadership is the lack of education when it comes to the true meaning of sustainability,” Smith said. “ … Students don’t want to look at graphics when they’re throwing out their coffee cups.”

Student Senate President Molly Vanhoy, a fourth-year studying microbiology, emphasized the legislation being passed pertaining to mental health.

“We want to make sure that [the mental health ambassadors] are plugged in with as many students as possible,” Vanhoy said. “The work we are doing for mental health is one of the most significant things we are doing.”

Miles Calzini, a graduate student in the chemistry program, sponsored the Mental Health Initiative Act.

“I put this through to try to get more funding for Prevention Services 一 something that has been historically underfunded.” Calzini said.

Legislation Passed

SR 63 Salazar Expulsion Act

Senator Juan Salazar, a second-year studying Spanish, was expelled from the Senate for accumulating 11 absences. 

GB 64 Appropriation Statutes Update Act

Government Bill 64 seeks to modernize the language and remove any contradictions apparent in the Appropriation Statutes used for allocating funds to student organizations.

FB 65 International Festival Funding Act

Finance Bill 65 allocates $2,000 for funding of the 2022 International Festival, taking place in March at Stafford Commons. The festival promotes multiculturalism on campus. According to the bill, “The event promotes connection, understanding, and cultural competency and exposes students, faculty, and staff to perspectives and traditions from different areas around the world.”

R 66 Mental Health Initiative Act

Resolution 66 seeks to endorse the installation of barriers in high and dangerous places on campus and allocate more funding to Prevention Services. An amount of $5,000 will be allocated from Student Government Initiatives, as well as any funds remaining in the budget at the end of the 101st session of the Student Senate. 

The bill was passed unanimously.

SB 69 Elections Handbook Review Act

Senate Bill 69 passed in order to clarify which committee is responsible for reviewing changes to the Elections Handbook. The committee responsible is the Committee on Rules.

FB 71 Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity, Inc. Allocation Act

Finance Bill 71 allocates $4,999 to the Delta Sigma Iota Fraternity for the purpose of venue expenses, production material, videography/photography and publicity for the fraternity’s Sangeet Saagar event. The event is an a cappella competition. The bill was passed unanimously without debate.