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Editor's Note: This article has been updated to reflect that Harrison Andrews is a third-year student.

Student government (SG) officials have a lot in store for the spring semester including the SG 100 celebration, student organization funding and upcoming spring elections.

Student Fee Updates

University Affairs and Wolfpack Wellness are working to keep NC State affordable. Student Body President McKenzy Heavlin, a fourth-year studying electrical engineering, said an affordable textbook survey was conducted through Wolfpack Wellness. 

Heavlin said he is also working closely with library personnel to see what changes can be made to make textbooks more affordable and to pass legislation focused on reforming the student involvement process regarding campus dining and housing rates.

Spring Appropriations Council to provide spring funding for student orgs

Twice a year, the appropriations council is tasked with distributing funds to student organizations. The council is currently meeting to decide the distribution for the spring break to fall break term. Student Body Treasurer Harrison Andrews, a third-year studying communication and political science, oversees and chairs the appropriations council. This year, Harrison said SG was able to bring back travel funding for organizations like club sports which rely on school funding for hotels and travel expenses. 

According to Andrews, the treasury is preparing the budget for the next fiscal year starting on July 1. Andrews said the treasury is looking for student input and will be hosting town halls in February, and that the executive branch has a lot in store this semester.

Students can find more info about appropriations here


According to Heavlin, SG is working to represent students to University administration while communicating expectations to students about COVID-19. Heavlin said he wants to communicate clearly with students that going to class online is an option, specifically for those that have been exposed to or have COVID-19.

“[We are] making sure that we’re representing students to the University administration and making sure that they’re prioritizing students and also making sure that we’re communicating with students what the expectations [are], and what they can do to improve the situation with COVID,” Heavlin said.

Heavlin said online options like Panopto are aimed to protect students by giving the flexibility needed for safe learning and living. 

“The University is pretty well equipped now; they spent a lot of money on virtual technology to make virtual learning possible, and we do it really well now that we have Panopto and all of that software with it,” Heavlin said.

Heavlin also said if there is an issue with a professor not offering an online option for students that have been exposed to or have COVID-19, students should contact him directly at

ACC Virtual Advocacy Days

From Jan. 30 to Feb. 1, student governments across Atlantic Coast Conference schools (ACC) will attend the ACC’s virtual Advocacy Days. During the event, the student governments will learn about advocacy and meet with legislators from Capitol Hill to advocate for a variety of things including research funding, student financial aid and student accessibility to different services.

Helping prospective students view accessibility options

SG is also collaborating with the Inner Residence Council (IRC) to create a virtual way for prospective students to explore accessibility options on campus. Bress said student government is working to consolidate what NC State has done to make campus more accessible into onevirtual portal.

“It will hopefully be a collaborative event with IRC and the admissions office to create either a link or an additional site where prospective students can go learn more about what NC State has to offer in terms of accessibilities,” Bress said.

SG 100

In February, SG 100 will celebrate 100 years of student government at NC State. Student Body Vice President Natalie Bress, a fourth-year studying electrical engineering, said the event is hosted for students and alumni to celebrate all the NC State student government has changed and improved on campus.

“It’s an event that we’re hosting for students and alumni of NC State, or of student government and current student government members, to come together and celebrate the 100 years that NC State has had student government and all of the change and improvement that they have made on campus through having student government,” Bress said.

Approaching SG elections

Student government spring elections are coming up, and Heavlin said most seats are open.

“The seats that will be open is essentially everything,” Heavlin said. “It will be the student body president, vice president, senate president, student body treasurer and then all of our senate seats are open as well.”

Andrews said he encourages students to join student government.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet people and make a positive change on campus,” Andrews said.

If you have questions about running for spring elections, reach out to

Molly Vanhoy, a fourth-year studying microbiology and student senate president, said SG is always there to help. 

“I think it’s really important for students to know that one, student government is a place where anybody is welcome to join, but two, even if you don’t want to join, we can certainly help you out with whatever issue you’re having,” Vanhoy said.

Students can contact student government leaders regarding specific questions directly. Students can also use this email for general questions:

“I just encourage students to reach out to any of us in student government if you have a question, or comment or suggestion for the University,” Andrews said.