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Student Government announced the results of this year’s election at their Election Reveal Party in Talley Student Union, and a runoff election between Timothy Reid/Allison Markert and Nina Kudlak/Will Vuncannon will be held to determine student body president and vice president. 

Runoffs are held when none of the student body tickets win over 50% of votes in the initial election. Reid/Markert won 35.4% of votes and Kudlak Vuncannon won 23.5% of votes. The runoff election will take place on Thursday, March 9 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. through the Get Involved website

Seats were available for the 103rd session student body officer and Student Senate positions. All of the student body officer races were uncontested with the exception of the race for student body president and student body vice president. 

Stephen McGuinness, a third-year studying biological sciences and polymer and color chemistry, was elected student senate president. Evan Martino, a second-year studying general agriculture, was elected student body treasurer.  

The races for Senate seats in the College of Education, College of Engineering and College of Humanities and Social Sciences were contested.

Listed below are the winning candidates of the Student Senate elections.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: 

  • Max Nicely 

College of Sciences: 

  • Caroline Miranda

  • Zainab Abdul Aleem

  • Nathan Passey

  • Nathaniel Somma

  • Lenny Thai

College of Education:

  • Charles Kellon

  • Jahzar Fields

  • Bradley Quinn

College of Engineering:

  • Shiva Gadireddy

  • Naila Din

  • Amina Abdulsalam

  • Alyssa Price

  • Maddi Hardwick

  • Makayla Hines

  • Aaina Vannan

  • Amory Gaylord

  • Connor Hekking 

  • Ryan Polk

College of Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • Alianna Kendall-Brooks

  • Vanessa Dixon

  • Maddie Watts

  • Aisha Abdul Aleem

  • Chalina Lauraine

  • Summer Vayel Wheeler

  • Isaac Carreno

Poole College of Management:

  • Reed Ballus

  • Rucheer Dave

  • Parker Dunn

  • Saif Elsisy

  • Joseph Wittmer

Wilson College of Textiles:

  • Kayla Bigley

Graduate and Lifelong Education:

  • Meshary Alghamdi

  • Ray Baek

  • Amiya Haque

  • Kelsey Jenkins

  • Surendhar Kaliannan

  • Sydney Welch

Division of Academic and Student Affairs:

  • Camryn Kline

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