heavlin and bress

Headshots of McKenzy Heavlin (right) and Natalie Bress (left).

On Wednesday, March 17, the results of the 2021 Student Government (SG) elections were announced.  NC State’s student body president for the 101st session of SG will be McKenzy Heavlin, a third-year studying electrical engineering, and the student body vice president will be Natalie Bress, a third-year studying electrical engineering.

According to a presentation by the Board of Elections, a total of 1,898 votes were cast in the election. Of those votes, 1,075 were for the Heavlin/Bress ticket to account for 56.64% of the vote. The remaining 823 votes went to student body presidential candidate Erinn Foote, a third-year studying political science and philosophy of law, and her running mate Madissen Keys, a third-year studying psychology.

“I want to thank Madissen and Erin for putting up a good race and a good ticket,” Heavlin said. “I’m excited to continue the work that Melanie and I started and do some initiatives with that.”

Bress said that she’s very excited to represent the Wolfpack, and that she plans to “shadow” Heavlin, who is currently the student body vice president, to prepare for her role.

“I’m planning on keeping a really close line of communication with McKenzy, even before we’re sworn in to office, and making sure that I am aware of all of the roles that I have and what it looks like from the lens of the current vice president,” Bress said.

Molly Vanhoy, a third-year studying microbiology, won the Student Senate presidential race to serve as the leader of the Student Senate for the 101st session of SG. Vanhoy, the current Student Senate president pro tempore, received 1,217 votes out of the total 1,829 cast. Vanhoy’s opponent Conner Paszko, a fourth-year studying political science, received the remaining 612 votes.

“I really appreciate all of the support from everyone,” Vanhoy said. “I’m hoping that we can really start to get NC State back to normal on campus, with the larger rollout of vaccinations — lots of students are optimistic that we’ll be able to have some sense of normalcy, and I think that would be really good for our student body.”

Harrison Andrews, a third-year studying political science and communication, ran unopposed for the position of student body treasurer.

The only referendum on the ballot passed by a large margin. SR115, or the Modernization of the Student Body Constitution Act, will, among other things, require the student body president to represent the student voice to university administration through “ethical and accountable public service.” SR115 will also eliminate school and college councils, and there will be formal legislation outlining the official duties of the Board of Elections within the student body constitution.

The only Student Senate race that had more candidates running than available seats was the election of senators for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences for the 101st session of SG. Listed below are the winning candidates of all Student Senate elections.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Senators (3):

  • Ethan Renfro

  • Omar Jaramillo

  • Taleek Harlee

College of Sciences Senators (4):

  • Kelcie Farmer

  • Emily Oppold

  • Camden Carmichael

  • Catherine Johnsen

College of Design Senators (1):

  • Abigail Coleman

College of Education Senators (1):

  • Alex Simon

College of Engineering Senators (7):

  • Luke Ward

  • Nathan Ellis

  • Jackson Lods

  • Ragen Willaford

  • Hilton Stallworth

  • Rishi Manoj Garg

  • Mason Hodges

College of Natural Resources Senators (4):

  • Emma Berry

  • Patsy McKee

  • Ann Winstead

  • Chandler Parrish

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Senators (7):

  • Sara Luber

  • Katie Phillips

  • Tiara Caldwell

  • Anneliese McInnis

  • Etienne Ouellet

  • Brodie Smith

  • Riley Edmonson

Poole College of Management Senators (3):

  • Dave Sashidhar

  • Timothy Reid

  • Graham West

Wilson College of Textiles Senators (1):

  • Lily McGrath

Graduate Senators (3):

  • Alyssa Pickens

  • Miles Calzini

  • Kuncheng Song

Editor's Note: Corrected name spelling of SSP candidate. 

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