The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture recently awarded adjunct N.C. State architecture professor Vincent Petrarca the Faculty Design Award, for his modern single-family home design.

Petrarca, a co-owner, designer and contractor of Tonic Design, was the mastermind behind the award-winning, environmentally-friendly house located in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Petrarca, an adjunct professor at the University, said N.C. State had a huge impact on his success as an architect. 

“I attended the University and was a freshman in 1990,” Petrarca said. “I have received two degrees from N.C. State. Since I have stayed in Raleigh, N.C. State is integral to almost everything we do each week.”

Petrarca said the design school especially played a huge role in his current architecture firm and career. 

“N.C. State allows us to stay current in our field through the lectures of the design school,” Petrarca said. “It is extremely helpful because the College of Design at N.C. State is highly renowned and top-notch.” 

Petrarca said he strongly believes N.C. State will continue to play a vital role in his career as an architect in the future. 

According to Petrarca, this honor means a great deal to his firm because it strives to be as critical as a practice as is possible and that this comes through critical teaching. 

“The link between school ideas and work ideas is vital,” Petrarca said. 

The ACSA Faculty Design Award was awarded to Petrarca, but he said there were more people than just him involved in the production of the award-winning project. 

“The people in my office helped bring this project to life as well as our client,” Petrarca said. “Without a great client, it is difficult to do great architecture.” 

Petrarca said his firm is continuously working on new environment-friendly designs.

“We are working on precast concrete house with large window openings to be built to passive house standards,” Petrarca said. “Our firm does both design and construction so we have several projects on paper and in the ground.”

Patricia Morgado, an associate professor of architecture, said Petrarca has been a huge success and an important part of N.C. State’s College of Design.

“He is a former N.C. State student, so it is very meaningful, especially to us, for him to receive this award,” Morgado said. “His firm has been receiving numerous honors just like this one in the past five years, so it is wonderful to have someone related so closely to the University to be so successful.” 

Petrarca is not the only N.C. State faculty member to have received an award from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. Patrick Rand, an alumni distinguished professor of architecture, received the ACSA Distinguished Professor Award, while Sara Queen, an assistant professor of architecture, received the ACSA New Faculty Teaching Award.

The three architects will be traveling to Miami Beach this spring where they will receive their awards at the ACSA’s 102nd Annual Meeting.