Coronavirus Image

This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reveals ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses.

On Wednesday, March 11, NC State announced that spring break would be extended a week due to COVID-19. Classes will resume on Monday, March 23 with a majority moved online indefinitely. Though classes are cancelled, residence halls will open as scheduled for students who need to be on campus.

Chancellor Woodson released a letter on the NC State website about the coronavirus pandemic and said the weeklong extension to spring break is an effort to transition classes to online, and people that have traveled to certain locations may be subject to quarantine.

The letter also states that the university is prohibiting university-related travel outside of the state. Gatherings of over 100 people are also prohibited within North Carolina.

According to the UNC System website, this cancellation extends to all UNC institutions. Universities are set to begin alternative course methods on March 23, with the hope of returning to in-person instruction when reasonable. It is up to individual universities to decide which classes will continue to run in person.

North Carolina has seven people who have tested positive for coronavirus, according to the News & Observer. Gov. Roy Cooper recently declared a state of emergency and encouraged private businesses to have employees work remotely.

The NCAA announced that the men’s and women’s NCAA tournament fan attendance will be limited to essential staff and family members due to the pandemic.

More information will come in the following weeks as NC State determines how specific classes will operate.