On Saturday, approximately 70 students gathered in Carter-Finley Stadium prior to the football game against Wake Forest, dressed entirely in black. The students assembled as part of a blackout for the Black Lives Matter protest during the football game.

Students raised their fists during the national anthem and sat through the playing of the alma mater in protest of their lyrics according to Achaia Dent, a sophomore studying animal science. Dent organized the student protest and commented on its motives.

"I just really want people to know that we’re here," Dent said. "Honestly, I just really want people to know that we’re here because we as a community have a hard time finding each other as it is, so when it comes to having our voices heard and having our opinions heard, it’s very difficult when it comes to administration."

Dent and other protesters have received animosity from others for their protest.

"It's a mixture of emotions," Dent said. "I feel empowered in a way, but I also feel very threatened on campus, more than ever before. My name is out there. I've had people inbox me about how they hated what I did. I don't feel protected."

In addition to students protesting in the student section, two students in the NC State marching band knelt in protest. Both students declined to comment to the Technician about their actions. 

The event follows the die-in in Talley Student Union on Sept. 23, as well as the racial climate town hall held on Sept. 29.

Editor’s Note: This article originally misstated that members of the crowd felt threatened by the peaceful protest. The statement has been removed because it was unsubstantiated.