Breaking News Graphic (campus)

Graphic by Kyle Howe

As of Jan. 11, NC State has completed its investigation on Chadwick Seagraves, a desktop support manager in the Office of Information Technology. The investigation opened on Nov. 17 after claims of Seagraves’ connection to the Proud Boys, a white nationalist organization, and offensive social media posts surfaced.

According to NC State spokesperson Mick Kulikowski the investigation did not uphold any significant allegations. The University stated it will not institute any formal disciplinary action against Seagraves.

NC State University’s full statement:

“NC State has completed a thorough review of the anonymous and public allegations of misconduct accusing an employee of malicious online activities. This follows the same process we use for any allegation.

The rigorous review did not substantiate any significant allegations.

NC State confirmed the employee did not have access to the protected personal information of any NC State student or any staff members other than those supervised by the employee. As part of its review, NC State also worked with external investigators to ascertain the validity of the allegations. The review included an examination of electronic data on the employee's work computers as well as the employee’s online activity while working. 

New allegations, social media posts and video that recently surfaced related to the U.S. Capitol riot were also investigated. Law enforcement verified the employee was not in Washington, D.C. at the time and was not involved in the riot.

In accordance with state personnel law, the university can only institute formal disciplinary action against a state employee when there is just cause to do so, such as for substantiated violations of the law or NC State policies.

We understand that the accusations and related discussion have caused hurt and evoked a variety of emotions on and off campus. Although we acknowledge the outcome will not satisfy everyone, NC State stands in strong opposition to intolerance and hate, and remains dedicated to doing all we can to advance the university's core values of diversity, inclusion and equity for all.”