Carter and Luke

The foundation of democracy is a well-informed electorate, and we think a similar notion applies to student journalism and the college experience. An important part of the student experience is knowing what is going on at your university, and as such, Technician is dedicated to bringing quality student journalism to the largest student body in the state.

During the academic year, you will see our paper on newspaper stands, our reporting in your social media feeds and our logo on computers and pens. Perhaps you will sit next to some of our writers in your classes. As an integral and ever-present medium of informing the student body, Technician is here to tell you about all the NC State news you need to know.

In its inaugural edition, the Technician editorial board wrote of the previous lack of a student newspaper, “The very spirit that to make a student body a mass of live wires is totally lacking unless some outlet and some encouragement to their many ideas is found.”

To make the “mass of live wires” work holistically, to create positive discourse and to ignite conversations, this student newspaper needs accountability from its readers, and to establish this accountability, we want to provide a preview of Technician’s news coverage in the coming academic year. Here is a look at what the News section in volume 98 has in store.

Growing focus on underrepresented groups

On Nov. 30, 1992, Nubian Message printed its first issue, as a response to a history of overt and implicit racial bias in Technician’s reporting on the student body, in particular against the black community. In pursuit of reconciliation for this racial prejudice, and as a means of better serving the whole campus community, Technician today makes proper representation of NC State students on campus a top priority.

We will continue to build and strengthen our relationships with members and leaders of campus organizations (with a focus on those representing marginalized or minority communities), collaborate efforts with our sister publication Nubian Message, bring more perspectives to our staff and leadership, diversify the writing and reporting we do in the News section and pursue the imperative of honoring diversity by better representing and informing NC State students.

We are always seeking feedback, and if you feel our coverage is lacking, let us know by contacting our editor-in-chief ( Students are also encouraged to work with us should they wish to bolster representation of their groups, identities and/or communities in Technician’s writing and reporting.

Our Three Winners trial

On Feb. 10, 2015, NC State student Razan Abu-Salha, her sister Yusor and Yusor’s husband Deah Barakat were shot and killed execution-style in Chapel Hill.

The FBI and the Department of Justice are both investing the shooting, and although there is not a date set for a trial, the proceedings are expected to begin in the coming year.

Craig Hicks is the suspect in the case and has been charged with three counts of murder in the first degree. Technician will be covering his trial from opening statements to the trial’s conclusion.

Holding student organizations to account

With more than 500 student organizations on campus, there are always events to attend and campus news to read about. Student-led organizations on campus come in all sizes and target different interests, communities and students. These organizations include Student Government (SG), the Union Activities Board (UAB), major-specific clubs, interest groups and more.

Because these groups serve and are funded by students, Technician seeks to inform you about what student groups across campus are doing. Technician stays up to date with many groups on campus and will continue to report regular updates on SG, UAB and other organizations on campus, big or small.

Redefining investigative student journalism

The Technician News editors have a common, unanimous love for the 2015 film “Spotlight” and are inspired by the thorough investigative work done by Boston Globe journalists depicted in the movie.

While Technician doesn’t have the resources of a paper like the Boston Globe, we do have a dedicated staff that is committed to good reporting, whether it directly affects 10 students or tens of thousands of students.

This year, we are dedicating ourselves to defining investigative, in-depth student news reporting. This will require both proactive and reactive reporting, taking up issues that are not widely known or understood and writing about them in our paper and on our website. We will also be diving deep into widely known stories and digging for more context and information to further students’ understandings of the topic at hand.