Imani Everette, senior studying communications, checks the expiration dates of cans in the Feed the Pack food pantry. The food pantry is located in the Carmichael Recreation Center and is supported by the Raleigh area. The pantry is available to members of the Wolfpack who are in need.

The deconstruction of Harrelson Hall will have many implications for NC State’s campus. The lone cylindrical structure on campus will be demolished by August of 2016 and a new wooded walk area that will help to combat puddling in the Brickyard by allowing water to filter through will be put in its place.* About 90 percent of the building’s material will be recycled. 

So where did all the organizations that called Harrelson home go? The GLBT Center and Wolfpack Outfitters, which includes the bookstore, were moved to the new Talley Student Union, while the Feed the Pack Food Pantry was moved to Carmichael Gymnasium.

The Feed the Pack Pantry is a food pantry on campus that serves students, faculty, staff and alumni. Since opening in November 2012 Feed the Pack has given out upwards of 15,000 pounds of food. The shop-and-go pantry is now being housed in Carmichael Gymnasium. 

Though their new space isn’t in Talley, Feed the Pack is adjusting well to the move according to Executive Director, Amanda Dango.

 “We wanted to keep our patrons anonymous and keep them comfortable as possible coming to the pantry,” Dango said. “With Talley having thousands of students coming through every day, it might make them feel uncomfortable people seeing them going to the pantry.” 

 The GLBT Center was glad to receive a space in Talley said Program Coordinator Andy DeRoin. 

“Our new space is amazing,” DeRoin said. “Our capacity has been improved just by having a different layout and a larger lounge, more resources for students, so it really has increased the way we are able to interact with students. Yay new Talley.”

DeRoin said that geographically, the move from Harrelson to Talley is making an impact on the GLBT Center’s visibility on campus.

“There wasn’t a great reason to go to Harrelson unless you wanted to come to us, and here you have all these different reasons that you could be in Talley so I feel like that has increased out foot traffic a lot, which in turn increases our ability to interact with students and program around their needs,” DeRoin said.                                                                                                                                                                

Associate Director NC State Bookstores, Anthony Sanders, is also proud of the new space for Wolfpack Outfitters in Talley. 

“I’ve heard great comments from people on tour from other schools including Chapel Hill, East Carolina, they were just like ‘Wow, you guys this is just great. You guys are really raising the bar,’” Sanders said. “We are really proud of our space and the building overall, it’s really a great place to be.”

*The Technician originally reported in error when it eluded that the demolition of Harrelson and new construction of building will be finished by August 2016. The demolition is scheduled to finished by August 2016 but not the new building construction.