Carmichael Renovation

Heavy equipment sits resting in what was once the mens locker room of the Carmicheal Complex. The Carmicheal Addition Project involves a series of renovations with the goal of updating the locker rooms and expanding one of the fitness spaces by 5000 square feet.

On Wednesday, Sept. 30 at 9 p.m., Student Government will decide on a student fee increase for part three of Carmichael Gym’s renovation.

Phase one of the renovation was the reconstruction of the entrance way, and phase two is underway in the gym’s locker rooms. 

Currently, students pay $45 in fees for Carmichael. The increase Student Government will be voting on will either add $47.50 or $57.50 on top of the initial $45. Eric Hawkes, director of University Recreation, said that a fee increase of $47.50 would pay for about 85,000 square feet, and $57.50 would pay for about 100,000 square feet.

“We’re not going for the best rec center in the country; that’s not NC State’s way,” Hawkes said. “We’re just looking for it to be functional.” 

The increase will be seen on students’ bills for the 2016-2017 academic year, but Hawkes estimated that the project wouldn’t begin until January 2018. 

“We started planning in 2011,” Hawkes said. “The design part of the construction would begin this time next year, and it would open in the fall of 2020. With construction costs now-a-days you just don’t know how things will go.”

Hawkes added that students wouldn’t be the only ones seeing a fee increase. Non-student rates, Hawkes said, would also see an increase of at least $5 per month.

“We won’t come back to the students asking for more money,” Hawkes said. “We will work backwards with what we have. The university also has to be committed to fundraising for the project, and with that, the student amount [given] will eventually lower.”

To learn more about the Carmichael Complex renovation projects and see photos and project goals, students can visit