For the past two days, I visited the NC General Assembly, where the House of Representatives and the Senate work together. I was there with El Pueblo, a Latinx political organization in Raleigh, and helped with lobbying and talking in opposition to the anti-immigrant bills in North Carolina. This opportunity has helped me open my eyes to what our state representatives and senators are like

This is the first installment of a series on machismo and what it is doing to Latin American culture and society. Kelsey Ward is reporting on her experiences in Colombia and Ecuador, South America.

Históricamente hablando, el término machismo fue traído a América Latina para identificar negativamente a los hombres latinoamericanos cuando los españoles llegaron a conquistar, colonizar y civilizar el nuevo mundo.

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Consisting of students who are native Spanish speakers, Latinx students who do not speak Spanish and even some gringos who are interested in the culture, Mi Familia offers a way for these students to connect to one another through culture. It was created by and for Latinx and Spanish-speaking students seeking to connect with one another.