Never Have I Ever

Netflix: "Never Have I Ever"

I am not typically one for high school drama series, but “Never Have I Ever” is downright addicting. The main character Devi finds herself in situations throughout each episode that are no doubt unhinged and cringe-worthy.

There are very few popular TV/Netflix series with main characters of varying racial and ethnic backgrounds. It’s truly remarkable to see diverse talent shine through our television screens, and “Never Have I Ever” makes that happen. 

From the very first episode to the most recent, Devi’s life is filled with family and school drama, boy problems and heart-crushing truth. At first glance the Netflix series seems like a typical high school drama that has become overused in other series and movies. As you dig deeper into Devi’s life with each episode, though, the truth behind her lavish outbursts unfolds, almost justifying her actions. 

The death of Devi’s father, which is revealed early in the first season, contributes significantly to every hardship Devi faces, the choices she makes and unfortunately, yet amusingly, her dire need for a boyfriend, which gets dicey later on in season two. As much as the boy drama is entertainingly cringy, I can’t help but to feel for Devi. Losing a parent at a young age is catastrophic, and Devi grasps for anything to fill in the hole that was left behind. When Devi comes across a coyote, she believes her dad has been reincarnated as the coyote. She later attempts to make contact and, in doing so, winds up in the hospital. My heart goes out to her character — I can’t imagine the hole that can be left behind from such a substantial loss.

The sad truth of Devi’s life behind closed doors is what sets this series apart from others portraying the high school drama scene. The rollercoaster of emotions, the support from her closest friends, the tension within the family and the problems she faces in school and with her identity are what gets the viewer hooked. I’m not a fan of drama, but watching this series holds my attention and has me dying to see the next episode immediately. 

Released on Aug. 12, season three continues with Devi’s crazy but interesting life. After everything she has endured — or caused  — there is a new light shining in her life, and I think this is a good turn of events. It seems she is maturing in her actions, learning from her mistakes and even coming to terms with the loss of her father. The rage that she has built up has, in some ways, simmered down to a low boiling point. This doesn’t mean there aren’t instances of drama in the new season; there’s still plenty to go around.

My hopes were high for Devi and the new track her life was taking … until the last few minutes of the final episode. I’m not sure how to feel about the ending — I felt pissed, confused and happy at the same time. I was upset with the way it ended, but it was honestly a genius idea. I know fans of this series are most likely feeling the same way I am feeling and are yearning for the next season. The ending definitely leaves me wanting to know what is going to happen next and immediately sent me to Google to find out when the next season will be released. 

Season four is said to be the final season, hopefully being released in spring of 2023. It is sad to see such a great series go so quickly. I can’t stand getting addicted to a series which only ends up being a handful of seasons. With that being said, I highly recommend jumping on Netflix to watch “Never Have I Ever” and getting caught up on all the goods before the final season comes out and brings all the juicy drama to an end.

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