In Your Backyard

Live music is back, and with the help of @inyourbackyard_, a locally owned and operated Instagram account, finding shows across North Carolina is easier than ever.

It is not uncommon for local up-and-coming bands to play at, or host, their own shows, but outside of these circles, learning about such events can be difficult. In response to this, Daniel “Dantichrist” Slagell created @inyourbackyard_ to spread the word about local DIY performances.

“@inyourbackyard_ was started as a resource/response to the lack of communication or acknowledgement of a local scene,” Slagell said. “No one was promoting or letting people know about stuff going on literally in their own backyards.”

The idea was born from a conversation with some friends, moving Slagell to action.

“I was at a local show in Durham with a buddy of mine’s band, and after the show, we were talking about how good the show was … [how] there should be more shows like this and why is no one doing anything about promoting these things? And I basically said ‘Alright, I'll do it,’” said Slagell. “My friends are like ‘You're crazy,’ I'm like ‘Yeah, I'll do it, I'll start the page.’”

In 2019, Slagell created the account and began posting about small shows across North Carolina. Posts typically feature unique event flyers and details about the bands, location and pricing.

The account gained some early traction before it saw a brief hiatus with the pandemic. As things have opened up again, however, @inyourbackyard_ has seen substantial growth, informing more and more people about the best places to see local talent.

“[Over] the past couple months, there has been this massive growth between like a new generation of kids finding the page, discovering who it is, what it does and just kind of running with it,” said Slagell. “There are kids meeting me at shows and saying like ‘Oh, you’re that guy?’”

Posting about shows happening right here in Raleigh as well as events from across the state in cities like Wilmington, Charlotte, Asheville and Greensboro, the account has earned widespread support from casual to avid music lovers.

“There's stickers that are kind of planted in different parts of the state now because of the page,” Slagell said. “It's crazy what's happened with the page and how far it's stretched and how people know about it.”

Currently, the account has around 1,800 followers and is only trending upwards. The success of the page, however, is something Slagel wishes to share with those who have helped him most.

“Part of the success of the page has also been [because of] one of my best friends, Theo [Bonilla], who’s been helping out with a lot of behind the scenes stuff,” Slagell said. “Everything from booking shows occasionally to networking or creating flyers, making content for the page. Without her, I wouldn't be able to do a lot of this.”

In addition to promoting local shows, Slagell has begun booking shows under @inyourbackyard_ as well.

“A group out of Mebane called The Piggy Bank joined forces this fall to book a Halloween show,” Slagell said. “It’s the first time I've ever booked a show. They asked me to pick all the bands, so I got some buddies of mine from different spots. I was like ‘Hey, you guys want to put on a show?’ They were like ‘Yeah sure!’ … It’s called the Monster Mosh and it’s a giant punk rock show going on at this barn around Halloween.”

The Monster Mosh is happening on Oct. 16 in Mebane, North Carolina. Those interested in attending can find out more at @inyourbackyard_ or read the flyer. More shows can be found on the Instagram page, which posts weekly about events taking place. The account recently expanded to Twitter under the same handle, @inyourbackyard_.

Whether you’re interested in the local music scene or are just looking for something fun to do on a free evening, be sure to check out @inyourbackyard_. You may be pleasantly surprised by all that is happening right where you live.