Blake Albright, second-year studying biology human bio concentration, does his homework in the back room at D.H. Hill Library on Thursday, Aug 20, 2020.

As the semester races along and students prepare for midterms, finding the ideal study spot is essential. From libraries to coffee shops, NC State students recommended a variety of indoor and outdoor study spots, on and off campus, that are perfect for working solo or collaborating with classmates.

D.H. Hill Library was mentioned the most by students. The space is quiet, and each room seems to have a different atmosphere. The study rooms, which are available for students to book in advance, allow for a more private experience, and the space is conducive to long-term, individual studying due to limited distractions.

The library stays open 24 hours on weekdays and has nine floors. It is located right along Hillsborough Street.

“[My] favorite place to study on campus is definitely D.H. Hill. Usually I’m on the east wing or in the book stacks; seventh, eighth floor,” said Ethan Waller, a second-year studying nutrition science and sports science. “But if the weather is especially nice, like today, I’ll try and get out and get some fresh air and study cause it definitely helps with the thinking process and the mindset.”

The Court of North Carolina is a good outdoor option. It is surrounded by lecture halls and university buildings. There are many chairs and benches across the field, and different trees supply pockets of shade on sunny days.

Next to the Court of North Carolina is the Global Courtyard, which is another outdoor space with stone pathways, tables and chairs.

Alison Schultz, a first-year studying engineering, enjoys studying at the Court of North Carolina in particular.

“Honestly, the weather and that this was a perfect spot in the shade, and I just don’t really have a lot to do, so I don’t really need a whole desk,” Schultz said. “Most of the time, it's just the library, but I like to be outside as much as I can.” 

Park Shops is also highly recommended by students. The indoor-outdoor space offers a cozy experience with brick walls and large windows, located in the heart of North Campus.

The atmosphere encourages working in groups and projects that don't require intense concentration. The space is perfect for students who appreciate a little bit of background noise when doing their work.

“I really like the idea of being near a coffee shop, you know, you have Port City Java in there,” said Rebekah Sumrell, a third-year studying engineering. “It is really busy here most of the time. Sometimes it's hard to find a table; I was surprised I found this one today. I like to be in an environment where there are other people. Not necessarily just studying, maybe doing other stuff like talking.”

Jubala Coffee, located on Hillsborough Street across from the Belltower, offers food, drinks and a lively atmosphere. They have indoor and outdoor seating as well. 

“It's very modern,” said Abby Meier, a fourth-year studying accounting. “… I like their seasonal drinks. I like the brightness and the yellow colors.”

Also technically off campus but only a 15-minute walk away from Wolf Village, Lucky Tree is a coffee shop on Hillsborough Street that attracts people from the entire community. Students can order food and drinks from the cafe as well as buy local art that they display throughout the space. Lucky Tree also has live performances and open mic nights.

“Lucky Tree, they have … a larger menu and more offerings, and they sell other things as well,” said Meier. “I also like all the art.”