asian orgs

NC State hosts more than 25 student organizations that centralize Asian heritage and the Asian American experience. These organizations have a full calendar of events throughout the school year to uplift culture, build community and educate. 

CRANE Collective

CRANE Collective is an Asian American umbrella organization at NC State partnering with NC Asian Americans Together and NC State Multicultural Student Affairs. The organization’s goal is to uplift and educate students about Asian American experiences and provide a safe space for students of Asian or Asian American descent.

“What we do is encourage more critical thought,” said Minh-Thu Dinh, a third-year studying electrical engineering and a founding member of CRANE Collective. “In our context, we want to provide more educational but grounding spaces for Asian Americans to explore their identities or cultural, ethnic or political identities.” 

CRANE Collective puts on both social and educational events throughout the semester that give students a platform to meet new friends, learn about other cultures and explore their own identity.



EKTAA is a South Asian student organization that promotes unity within diversity by bringing together different South Asian cultures from across campus. They work together with similar clubs at nearby universities to create a network, community and sense of home for South Asian students. 

Nupur Jain, a fourth-year studying industrial engineering and economics and the co-outreach chair for EKTAA, said having a community like EKTAA on campus is vital to combatting the homesickness many South Asian students experience when they cannot be with their families or regularly immersed in their cultures. Jain encourages any students who are interested to attend events and build that community.

“I think the hardest thing is sometimes having the courage to come to events,” Jain said. “When I was a freshman I thought ‘What if I don’t know anybody? What will I do?’ But if you come, you will make friends. You just have to be open to meeting new people and experiences. If you are, you will find the closest family you can on campus.”



The Pakistani Student Student Association (PACKSA) seeks to highlight the culture and history of Pakistan through fundraisers and events that increase cultural awareness. They bring South Asian students together to celebrate their culture and history in an inclusive environment.

“I think it’s important for everyone to connect back to their identity,” said Haris Azeem, a third-year studying biological sciences and co-president of PACKSA. “Especially as an international student, I can lose sight of my own identity sometimes, and this club has been a good way for me to get back to my roots.”

PACKSA hosts a number of events throughout the year to provide students with platforms to connect with their identity. On Nov. 19, the club will be hosting Dholki Dhamaka, which Azeem describes as akin to a mock wedding with traditional food and dancing. 



The NC State chapter of MannMukti seeks to destigmatize mental health in the South Asian community through destressor events, educational meetings and workshops. According to the national organization, many factors including a collectivist community and lack of awareness create a powerful stigma surrounding mental health in South Asian communities. MannMukti is breaking down that taboo through open conversations and education.


Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

The Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) provides a space for students to expand their community and their professional networks. It aims to support students of Asian heritage in their pursuit of their full professional potential.


Filipino American Student Association

The Filipino American Student Association (FASA) focuses on sharing Filipino culture with NC State and the local community. They are a part of the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND). 


For a comprehensive list of Asian Organizations at NC State as well as contact information, refer to this spreadsheet courtesy of CRANE Collective at NC State.

To get more information about these organizations and their events, follow this link to add events to Google Calendar.