Study abroad

As we endure the roller coaster that is finals week, we should also be looking forward to our well-deserved winter break. At this point in the pandemic, travel is much more feasible, meaning students can finally take advantage of the long break by planning trips of all kinds. Day trips, weekend trips, week long trips are all in the cards for students who are ready to plan ahead. Most stray away from traveling due to the financial cost required, however I am here as a self-proclaimed cheap traveler to help make your travel dreams come true this break. 

Cheap flights forever

If you’re like me, you want to travel the world as much as you possibly can do so. However, this usually demands a plane ticket that can cost hundreds of dollars at times. This is typically — and understandably — people’s main deterrent that keeps them from traveling. Flights can be expensive, but they can also be cheaper than driving to your desired destination depending on when and where you go. For example, according to Google Flights, one round-trip six day flight to New York City from Raleigh is running for $97, while a flight to Miami is running for $61. Students should also take advantage of budget airlines such as Frontier, Jetblue or Allegiant. Additionally, it is important to note, the flight is usually the most expensive element of your trip, so once that is taken care of, everything else can fall into place for much cheaper. 

Road trips for the win

Aside from air travel, there are plenty of other ways to achieve one’s travel goals this break. Road trips are one of the most fun ways to travel with friends, family, or even alone with proper precautions. The views, music blasting and fresh air are unmatched. There are also plenty of destinations only a few hours from Raleigh for students to explore. For example, Wilmington, North Carolina; Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; national parks and many more. Plus, if five or more hours of driving is not an issue, the options are endless.

Compromise when necessary

Food can be quite costly on any trip, so decide if a fancy dinner is something you are unwilling to compromise before you embark on your trip. If not, there are affordable restaurants everywhere that can keep your budget on track. For example, the 99-cent pizza spots in New York City are one of my favorite ways to save money and still get delicious pizza while visiting Manhattan. More strategies include sharing plates, splitting bills, packing snacks beforehand and much more.

Prioritize travel for yourself

College students deserve to experience the thrills of traveling and should especially make time to do so during breaks. Whether you are an experienced traveler or not, traveling somewhere new is always a good idea with efficient planning. It may lead to a new passion filled with extraordinary opportunities, and who wouldn’t want that?

All students should take time for a trip somewhere this winter break. Instead of only talking about taking a trip with friends, try to make it happen and create unforgettable experiences. 

I am a fourth year studying Communication with a concentration in Media and Spanish. I started writing for Technician this summer of 2020 as a correspondent.