COVID-19 Breaking News Graphic

Graphic by Kyle Howe

Updated at 6:45 pm:

According to a statement from the Sigma Nu Fraternity national headquarters, the NC State chapter's social activities have been suspended. The Fraternity is currently working with NC State officials to investigate the recent social activity at the chapter house. 

Sigma Nu Fraternity expects all members to "be aware of and observant of all COVID-19 related policies and expectations of their college or universities." 

Original Coverage: 

NC State alerted students via a WolfAlert of four more COVID-19 clusters within sorority/fraternity houses on Aug. 21. The clusters are in the Sigma Nu fraternity house, Delta Gamma sorority house, Sigma Kappa sorority house and Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house. 

According to the email, Sigma Nu Fraternity house currently has 26 positive cases.

Delta Gamma Sorority house has 15 positive cases.

Sigma Kappa Sorority house currently has six positive cases.

Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority house has seven positive cases.

Sigma Nu, Delta Gamma and Sigma Kappa are all located within Greek Village while the Zeta Tau Alpha house is located near the 3400 block of Avent Ferry.

The WolfAlert indicates that a party was held at the Sigma Nu house on Aug. 13 and anyone who attended should follow up with their personal health care provider or Student Health Services.

As with all previous clusters, the email states all those who have tested positive as a part of these clusters have been isolated and all residences of the houses have been quarantined. Contract tracing has begun for any with close contact to those who tested positive, according to the alert.