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Technician Video Editor Jaylan Harrington poses for a picture for Agromeck Photo Editor Aditya Penumarti in 2019.

Meet Jaylan Harrington, a third-year studying communication who’s been the first person to fill the position of multimedia managing editor at Technician, NC State’s student-run newspaper. His job is a perfect blend of his skills and interests, incorporating many facets of his experience working for the publication.

“My second year in college, I was the editor of the video section at Technician,” Harrington said. “That same year, they created a multimedia managing editor position. No one held it that entire year, and going into my junior year, literally no one else qualified for it except me.”

As multimedia managing editor, Harrington is primarily in charge of the photo, video, design and social media sections at Technician. He says he strives to be a resource for those sections, and there’s plenty of flexibility within the role.

“This is the first year this has been around, and there are certain things that are defined and certain things that are not,” Harrington said. “I kind of get to create what I want to do.”

Harrington was immediately involved with Technician as a first-year, transitioning from sports writer to video editor in his second year. He says sports pieces are still some of his favorite articles to write for the newspaper.

“I feel most comfortable writing sports because that’s how I came in,” Harrington said. “You see a lot of football from me.”

Outside of multimedia and sports, Harrington enjoys music and dabbles in album reviews for the arts and entertainment section.

“I [wrote about] ‘After Hours’ by The Weeknd,” Harrington said, referencing musical artist The Weeknd’s fourth studio album. “That’s one of my favorite [articles] I’ve written for Technician. I love writing that sort of stuff.”

Harrington has had to make several adjustments as the first multimedia managing editor due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite being more of a people person, he’s had to adjust the way he communicates with his colleagues.

“It’s tough,” Harrington said. “If I’m going to meet someone, I’d rather do that in person. If I’m going to correct them on something, I’d rather do that in person than over text. It hurts your chemistry with the people you work with.”

Regardless of the challenges that have come with an abnormal school year, Harrington has no shortage of good memories surrounding his time at Technician. He recounted the 2018 Gator Bowl, held in Jacksonville, Florida on New Year’s Eve, as one of his favorite memories from his time at Technician. Harrington traveled with then-Sports Editor Andrew Schnittker and then-Photo Editor Sindy Huang at the time to cover NC State’s 52-13 loss to Texas A&M.

“It was an awesome time, covering the game, even though we got stomped,” Harrington said. “Those are the memories I love the most, just the relationships I created at Technician.”

Outside of Technician, Harrington’s love for music stretches to WKNC, where he hosts a podcast called “Put Me On.” The podcast is centered around rap music and R&B, featuring weekly artist spotlights and discussions of recently-released albums.

“[It’s] kind of a way for me to blow off steam,” Harrington said. “I’ll go there really late in the night and record a podcast, which helps me reset myself.”

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I am a first-year student studying biology with a minor in technical and scientific communication. I joined Technician as a correspondent in August 2020, and I am currently the Culture Editor.