The University Activities Board (UAB), a student-led organization tasked with putting on interactive and inclusive events for the student body, will host many end-of-year events this year. The board has planned virtual and in-person events for students to participate in and celebrate the last days of class.

Wolfstock, the annual end-of-year event to celebrate the last day of classes, will take place in late April. According to Hannah Koszegi, a fourth-year studying industrial engineering and the concerts chair of UAB, the two-day event will look a little different than previous years.

“Wolfstock is our university’s celebration of [the last day of class (LDOC)], so that includes a day full of fun activities and events both virtual and limited in person,” Koszegi said. “Both nights will end with a virtual concert this year. I’m glad that we have the possibility of doing limited in person for Wolfstock. I think that will really make it a great day and allow students to celebrate LDOC.”

The exact days and performers have not been announced yet, but there are plenty of other upcoming events students can participate in before then. 

The next scheduled event, Cookin’ it Up with Antoni Porowski, a virtual cooking demonstration and Q&A with the “Queer Eye” co-star, will take place over Zoom on March 30 at 7 p.m. After registering, students can pick up the ingredients to follow along with Porowski at Feed the Pack. Students who want to attend should RSVP on the event website.

The W.O.L.F. committee chair, TyDasia Davis, a third-year studying communication and art studies, said it is important for students to attend events, even though they are virtual.

“It’s very important because we’re losing a lot of connections,” Davis said. “Our events help us to build that community. They need to have fun, connect with each other, especially now. With events like the ones we plan, it allows students to have fun, in ways that we have to alter because we can’t be in person. It’s nice for them to have fun, get to know their fellow students and just interact with the community and dive into NC State’s spirit.”

Jenna Hackett, a first-year studying animal science, said she thinks it is important for students to break up the monotony of constant schoolwork, and UAB events are a good way to do so.

“I think it’s really important because it’s a way to meet people and sometimes it’s good to just put things on your calendar to do,” Hackett said. “I know that I have a ton of stuff to do with school, but sometimes, it’s fun to have an event or something scheduled that’s fun that I’m looking forward to.”

Fiyin Iyiola, a first-year studying biochemistry, said attending a recent Family Feud event was a good way to unwind and socialize.

“During a hard week of school, it was the best relief,” Iyiola said. “Not really worrying about anything and just how friendly everybody was. Everybody was genuinely there to have fun and communicate. Especially being stuck at home, it was definitely a nice way to see other people. I really believe students need an avenue to be relieved from school.”

Koszegi said she appreciates the importance of UAB this year more than ever as students adapt to socializing in a virtual environment.

“I think in the past, in typical years, UAB always played an important role in helping students establish a connection with each other and even a connection with the University,” Koszegi said. “This year, I feel like it’s especially important because everybody hasn’t been interacting as much as a typical year, so it was important for us to keep putting on events. Most of our events turned virtual this year just so that people still had the opportunity to feel a part of the community and meet other students.” 


Upcoming events

Superhero Trivia: April 6. Register here.

Pan-Af Week: April 10-17. Pan-Af Week is a week-long event held by the Black Students Board celebrating Black culture and excellence. More information about the events as it becomes available can be found on the Pan-Af Week website.

Howl and Chill: The Price is Right: April 27. Register here.

W.O.L.F Weekly Films: See available films here.

More information about upcoming events including trivia, film screenings and Wolfstock can be found at the UAB events website. Koszegi and Davis both encourage students to follow UAB on Instagram and Twitter at @NCStateUAB to stay up to date on upcoming events.


I am a second-year student studying English with a minor in biology. I joined Technician in the fall of 2020 as a correspondent and am now working as a staff writer. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2022.