With the announcement of NC State undergraduate courses moving to a strictly online setting as of Aug. 24, heads quickly turned to NC State Athletics to see how fall sports would be impacted by the decision. This statement was released just minutes after the announcement on Thursday afternoon:

The NC State men’s cross country team will have six new faces this upcoming season. Three of the newcomers are from out of state, while the other three are homegrown talents from North Carolina. Here’s a look at the incoming freshmen for this year’s men’s cross country team.

The next time the Pack hits the trails, whenever that will be, it will look different than any year before. Adding seven new athletes to the roster, the women’s cross country team will be a force to be reckoned with, with this unique recruiting class.

Not every new student coming to NC State comes in with the same level of knowledge about NC State Athletics. Some have been lifelong fans, others may have only seen a handful of events or none at all. Whichever camp you fall into, we wanted to make sure you knew at least one name on every NC State team, so here is the who is who of NC State Athletics.

Sports are an integral part of the college experience; there is no doubt about that. But right now there are a lot of question marks surrounding what football and other fall sports will look like this year. Will there be a football season? Will fans be able to attend games? What about the other fall sports? While we might not know the definitive answers to these questions, we can look at what the ACC has already said, what other conferences and schools are doing and what has happened with professional sports in the past month to give you a better idea of what fall sports might look like this year.