Mark Gottfried & Dennis Smith Jr.

Former Head Coach Mark Gottfried walks back to the locker room with freshman guard Dennis Smith Jr. after his last game as the coach of the Wolfpack on March 7, 2017 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The Wolfpack was defeated by Clemson 75-61 during the first round of the 2017 ACC Men's Basketball Tournament.

NC State University received a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA on Tuesday, July 10 in regards to the conduct that took place under former men’s basketball coach Mark Gottfried. Gottfried was with the university from 2011 to 2017. 

The first of the allegations cited in the notice are focused on the actions of then-assistant coach and lead recruiter Orlando Early, during the recruitment of Dennis Smith Jr. and others.

It is alleged in the notice that Smith and those associated with him received approximately $46,700 in impermissible inducements and benefits.

According to a statement by the university, “NC State has strong and clear compliance policies, and puts extensive effort into annual training and education to ensure coaches and athletes are fully aware of those policies and NCAA rules. All four allegations are tied to former coaches who were well educated about the rules and knew the rules, and if the allegations are true, those coaches chose to break the rules. No current coaches are named or implicated in the allegations.”

The second of the allegations states that between January and March of 2016, there were nine instances of men’s basketball staff members violating NCAA recruiting restrictions by providing approximately $862 worth of impermissible benefits in the form of 14 complimentary admissions. This means that staff members provided tickets to people connected with potential recruits for free.

The third of the allegations alleges that Gottfried was the one responsible for the misconduct outlined in the first two allegations. 

The fourth of the allegations alleges that the university is also responsible for the misconduct by not adequately monitoring the men’s basketball program.

According to a statement by the university, “NC State has 90 days from receipt of the notice to provide a written response, after which the NCAA will set a hearing date. The university is reviewing the allegations and will determine the appropriate next steps and response.”

The notice gave a number of possible aggravating and mitigating factors for the university, Early and Gottfried. 

“NC State is committed to the highest levels of compliance, honesty and integrity,” said Chancellor Randy Woodson in a statement by the university. “As the university carefully reviews the NCAA’s allegations and thoroughly evaluates the evidence in order to determine our response, we are prepared to be accountable where we believe it is appropriate and to vigorously defend this great university and its athletics program where we feel it is necessary.”