NCAA President Mark Emmert announced Thursday afternoon in a video posted on the NCAA Twitter account that there would be no fall sports championships this calendar year. The announcement does not impact football as the postseason is decided on by the Bowl Championship Series.

In this video, Emmert said that the reasoning for the cancellation of fall sports championships was due to not having enough teams participating. This announcement comes just days after both the Big Ten, Pac-12 and a number of smaller conferences announced they would be postponing their fall sports competitions.

“Our board of governors said if you don’t have half the schools playing the sport you can’t have a championship,” Emmert said in the video. “Sadly, tragically, that’s going to be the case this fall, full stop.”

The possibility of fall sports championships happening in the spring is still on the table according to Emmert.

“There are ways to do this,” Emmert said. “I’m completely confident that we can figure this out. If schools and conferences want to move forward, and more than half of them want to do it and that’s surely the indication right now, then let’s do it.”

According to the video, winter and spring championships will have priority in scheduling and resources since those sports lost their championships earlier this year at the beginning of the pandemic. Emmert also added that tournament structures might need to be modified to accommodate all three seasons competing for championships at the same time.