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A mix of senioritis and uncertainty - Technician: Sports

A mix of senioritis and uncertainty

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Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 10:51 pm

In the typical fashion of a senior that has caught an extreme case of senioritis, I forgot I had to write a farewell column. I was watching a mix of Batman cartoons and NFL draft coverage when the fact dawned on me. 

The problem: I had no clue what to write.  When I reached out to a couple of buddies that have or will be in the same boat, both said the same thing: “It’ll come to you.”

So if the next 500-600 words of this column turn out to be a chaotic, yet organized, reflection of my thoughts, so be it. 

First, thank you Technician for recognizing my achievements in sneakers by awarding me the “Flyest Kicks” award last year. I almost shed a tear on that one. That alone was the highest point of my time spent at the publication. 

I didn’t know what to expect when I came on staff nearly four years ago. Only two things were certain: I liked writing and basketball. 

Instead of doing what any sensible person would’ve done and walked away because of the long nights and little pay, I stayed. The fact that I could chop it up at least once a week with a group of people that had an affinity for sports kept me around. I’m glad that my foolish freshman mind decided to return to the break room in Witherspoon every Sunday. 

Between the late nights and early mornings, weekends covering tournaments and bowl games and reading emails from either a disgruntled or pleased reader, it was all worth it. I wouldn’t have changed those experiences for anything in the world.  

The high point out of that group had to be when Josh Hyatt, Alex Sanchez and I met Dick Vitale at Hooters in Atlanta. 

Well, it’s time for the thank you notes. First up, my family. My parents, grandparents, aunt and brother supported me at every step on this journey, and I wouldn’t be here without them. I honestly don’t think I would love basketball as much as I do if my brother didn’t take me to the park after school in Manhattan when we were supposed to be heading home. 

The sports staff had its ups and downs, but I appreciate everything you all have done throughout the year. You guys have worked your butts off, so take a second to pat yourselves on the back. Jonathan Stout, get ready. 

Now, this one is for the copy editors and designers. For the most part, you guys do a thankless job and work just as hard as anyone who gets his or her name in the paper. Plus, you guys cover up for our mistakes. We appreciate all of you. 

Technician editors are a happy, yet dysfunctional, family. Every other editor in Features, News and Viewpoint had a hand in making the sports section great. 

It looks like we’re at the end of the quintessential farewell column. So, I leave you all with these words from a good friend of mine. 

“It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish. But, in this instance it’s quite reverse. Our futures are unknown and the end of the road is far from sight. So for now it’s all about our beginnings and that one common link we’ve established over the last four years. We’re all part of a Wolfpack that will ride together but in our separate ways upon graduation. It’s been a great ride, but the best is yet to come.”