• September 2, 2015

Just to clarify a few things... - Technician: Editorials

Just to clarify a few things...

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Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 12:13 am

A few days ago, Technician received an anonymous note criticizing us for using student fees to create “a glorified crossword puzzle holder.” Though we don’t feel much of a need to grace this letter with a comment, we’ve decided to respond so we can clear up any future misunderstandings. 

First, though we may be somewhat biased, we’d like to think that Technician is more than just lipstick on a crossword puzzle. Every day from 3 p.m. until midnight, writers, photographers, editors, cartoonists and designers all collectively sweat over the next day’s paper. That’s not including the reporters that spend their time outside our Witherspoon headquarters chronicling the actions of groups ranging from University Dining to Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration. 

Last year, after a woman was shot and killed in Cameron Village, we voiced our frustration with the University’s WolfAlert system, prompting changes in communication. Good changes. But hey, we’re not taking the credit. The University probably got the idea from filling in the words “FLAWED” and “SYSTEM” into “5 Down” and “23 Across.” 

Second, and the somewhat bigger reason behind this editorial, is that this anonymous comment is utterly unfounded. We don’t rely on student fees. Our printing and payroll costs are completely covered by the advertising revenue — which shies just short of half a million dollars, thank you very much. 

Technically called the “Student Publications Fee,” the $15.50 N.C. State charges each student does go toward Student Media. According to a recent budget update, the fee pays for 100 percent of The Windhover, approximately 85 percent of Agromeck, 70 percent of The Nubian Message and 10 percent of WKNC. But Technician uses a total of $0 from fee money when it comes to paying our staff and printing N.C. State news. 

So the next time you read one of our articles and happen to think, “I’m not paying for this crap.” Well . . .  you’re right. You don’t give us a dime.