Campaign ads are flooding our daily lives as the elections draw nearer, and many are beginning to critique the lack of content we’re being given. Staff columnist Noah Jabusch takes these critiques to North Carolina’s Senate race, asking for candidates Thom Tillis and Cal Cunningham to step it up.

Staff columnist Neha Suresh follows up on her previous column about having conversations with differing political viewpoints, coming to the conclusion that a simple chat might actually lead to profound revelations about politics and stereotyping.

The recent verdict on Breonna Taylor’s case has left many disappointed on the state of racial justice in the U.S. Many are now wondering what the next step in demanding justice is, and correspondent Caitlyn Mahoney talks about organizing beyond the typical protest. Read more to find out some of the suggestions Caitlyn explores.

Midterms are perhaps one of the most stressful times during a college semester, and the accelerated online semester has further exacerbated the chaos of test-taking. News Co-editor Cassie Englund gives us her story on how she ended up taking a midterm in the mall, calling for NC State to revise their strict testing policies.

This fall, faced with the major COVID-19 pandemic, NC State University decided to have face-to-face classes for as many students as possible and subtly pressured professors to do so. The administration unilaterally invited all the students to return, live and eat in fully occupied university…

With the recent passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, abortion rights are being threatened this election. Staff columnist Skye Sarac says that abortion rights should not be removed, as it would only lead to disenfranchized women seeking unsafe abortions. 

Opinion Editor Caryl J. Espinoza Jaen furthers the debate about Greek life, talking about its various pros and cons and the reasons why Greek life has been under recent scrutiny. Read more to find out whether he agrees with the hard time Greek life has been getting from the college community all over the country..

Networking is one of the most important skills a university student can have because strong connections can help give their professional career a head start after graduation. Staff columnist Zack Jenio addresses the weaknesses NC State has in this matter and how the University’s current methods of facilitating networking isn’t good enough.