In the aftermath of the Capitol insurrection, correspondent Sara Luber breaks down how shortening administration transitions can prevent future violence.

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I just submitted my negative COVID-19 test results on Healthy Pack Portal. Have you? Well, you probably don’t have to if you don’t fall under these categories: employees working in face-to-face capacities, students living in residence halls and students living within 1 mile of campus. 

With the spring semester finally here, I have been reflecting on how I spent the longest winter break to date. Like many, I watched a lot of Netflix and Hulu, which I had not had time to do during school. I also started reading for pleasure for the first time in many years. It felt like I wa…

With the (horrendously long) year of 2020 finally being over, many of us are looking forward to the possibilities of the new year being a better year. Technician’s editorial board is no different in our goals and yearning, so here are the New Year's Resolutions from some of our editors:

Stranded alone in my dorm room 20 hours of the day is not how I imagined my final semester of college, but given the current state of the world, it’s far from the worst situation I could find myself in. While I was fond of my roommate last semester, it certainly feels much safer to not be br…