letter to the editor

Mr. Gilliam,

Good morning, I am writing today because I have just read an article posted on Twitter this morning by Technician in which the opinion editor believes that the Alabama abortion bill is wrong. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, however, I have been reading Technician for 2 years, as I am a rising junior. Technician is supposed to provide news for all NC State students by providing a diverse viewpoint, particularly in its opinion column. However, through the past two years, Technician has only provided viewpoints that are left-leaning and progressive. This alienates at least a plurality of NCSU students whose personal and political viewpoints do not align with modern progressivism. I am not saying this out of malice. I believe that it is very possible that the bias of Technician is probably unknown to those who do the opinion writing, because they may not realize their own biases. Additionally, I believe that only having one side shown leads to the divisiveness and vitriolic nature of current left vs. right political discussion. It is my hope that Technician would be more inclusive with diverse viewpoints, especially in its opinion column. Thank you.

A concerned student,

Dylan Long

Dylan Long is a third-year studying agricultural science.