letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you regarding Staff Columnist Paritosh Gaiwak’s article “TEDx 2.0 to launch in fall 2019.” My thoughts today pertain to the attempt to bring TEDx Talks at NC State (formerly TEDxNCSU) back to our campus through the efforts of the two first-years and growing planning team. In theory, this is a fantastic effort for a student-led initiative. The two first-years referenced are members of the Park Scholarships Class of 2022, a program arguably known for producing high quality student leaders on our campus and initiating and propagating many successful annual events we see each year.

My concern comes in the execution and some prospective issues this event might stress on the culture of campus programming. Prior to 2015, TEDxNCSU was formally organized through the Issues & Ideas (now Speakers & Professional Development) Committee of the Union (now University) Activities Board. UAB moved away from the TEDxNCSU model in favor of TUFF Talks, now in its fourth year. I’m not saying that TUFF Talks and TEDx Talks cannot co-exist – we should bring many more speakers to campus! – but I am dismayed to see that UAB was not informed or contacted about this initiative before takeoff. The UAB fee per full-time student per year is $19.63. Aspiring student leaders and event programmers should absolutely utilize UAB as a hub for marketing and event planning if they want to maintain sustainable events and find a place (again) for phenomena like TEDx.


Mitchell Moravec

Mitchell Moravec is a first-year graduate student pursuing Public Administration