Destry Adams

Students and staff are canceling NC State for how they handled the pandemic, ranging from opening the University for monetary gain to not doing enough to stop the spread of COVID-19. Since everyone is roasting the University for its flaws and response to COVID-19, now is the perfect time to list some of my own personal complaints about NC State.

Don’t get me wrong, I love NC State, and I consider it my second home. But just like home, we get to roast and nitpick every little thing and everyone in the family. Since we will learn how to live with COVID-19, and there is almost no one on campus due to students moving out, there are some changes, both small and big, NC State could make to give students and staff a more pleasant time once things return to normal.

So, here is a list of areas where I think NC State can improve or change in the future and my personal ratings on them.

Bricks: A sore left butt cheek / 10

I know NC State is known for having bricks everywhere. Buildings: bricks. Sidewalks: bricks. Tuffy: bricks brought to life. Last year, there was even a stack of bricks for students to take home. While bricks are a part of NC State’s dowdy aesthetic, I don’t think everything should be made of brick. As I said before, the sidewalks are made of brick. Not only do I personally think it’s ugly, but it can also be unsafe. You have no idea how many times I have slipped or seen other people slip on them when it’s raining or seen someone trip because there is a brick missing.

Now, I am not saying remove every brick sidewalk, but avoid using them in the future. Since NC State is constantly under construction, we should stop using bricks for sidewalks in the future. It can prevent potential injuries and embarrassment in the future.

Carmichael Gym: Two tardies and an absence / 10

Is it really the Technician opinion section if someone doesn’t complain about physical education (PE) at least once? Now, many people have voiced their disdain for having to take two PE courses to graduate, so I won’t repeat it.

I do have a problem with how there is a long line of people, about the length of the Grand Canyon, waiting to get into Carmichael Gym. I am not blaming the people in charge of swiping them in because they are trying their best, and sometimes there are technical errors they can’t control.

I know there is another entrance in the back, but it is extremely inconvenient, faraway from some of our classes and a hassle to get to. Plus if everyone started to use that entrance, there will be another long line as well.

All I ask is the implementation of a better system so people can get to their gym classes on time. You make us take them, at least make it easy so we can get there and not be tardy.

Lime Scooters: A concussion and a broken scooter  / 10

As someone who owns an electric scooter, I can sympathize with those who ride the Lime scooters. They are fun, fast and get us where we need to be. However, some people who ride them are being reckless and irresponsible.

First, they are not wearing helmets. Helmets can help prevent or reduce serious injury during a collision. And considering how Lime scooters can go up to almost 15 mph, students walking everywhere and the brick sidewalks, you are going to get hurt. Wear a helmet.

Also, follow the rules of the road. I have seen people going through stop signs, going down the opposite direction on one-way streets and being reckless in general. If you are riding those scooters on the sidewalk or in a crowded area, at the very least slow down and try to not hit anyone.

What I think NC State should do is have people go through a seminar about using electric scooters, give citations or just ban them.

The Day of Giving: The audacity / 10

Why is NC State still having a day of giving? They charged us full tuition for online classes, kicked people out of university housing and forced us to pay other fees, and they have the audacity to ask for more money?

Last time I checked, most public universities are following a business model, and NC State is no different. So, why is NC State asking us to give them more money when we get nothing but debt, stress and COVID-19 in return? Are they not receiving enough state funding, or do they just suck at running a business? Honestly, just pick a struggle.

There are a lot more small changes NC State can implement, but here is what comes to mind. Although some of my critiques are harsh, they come from love. I know NC State can do better. While it might be too late to rectify their response to the pandemic, there are some things NC State can do to improve to make students’ and staff’s lives easier.

I am currently a third-year studying English. I am also a staff writer who reports for the news or complains about whatever I'm angry towards at the time.