letter to the editor

I am delighted that North Carolina State University will rename Daniels Hall in recognition of its Daniel’s unbridled racism. As a proud alum of NCSU and a former tenured faculty member, I applaud the decision. However, it does not go far enough. NCSU must eradicate the heritage of racism that is celebrated in the names of other buildings on campus that are named for racists, including, but not limited to, Holladay Hall, Peele Hall, Polk Hall, Kilgore Hall, and Poe Hall. It is time to rename all of the buildings that celebrate this oppressive legacy.

In addition, NCSU should also immediately remove “the winds of Dixie” from the Alma Mater. When I served on the Faculty Senate at NCSU in 2015, we passed a resolution to remove this racist language, but no action was taken by the administration. Our Alma Mater should celebrate every graduate of NCSU, rather than to re-inscribe white supremacy and racism every time it is sung. In the midst of this momentous time of change, it is long past time for NCSU to address these issues. While renaming Daniels is a start, it is simply not enough.

Sheila Smith McKoy is the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Holy Nanes University. McKoy is a former NC State alumni, faculty member and Director of the African American Cultural Center.