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Since I’ve seen this column being deliberately spread by the Brohaugh-Foote campaign, of which its author, Thomas Walsh, is a member, I would like to share another perspective and address a few inconsistencies and falsehoods I have noticed in it. There are accusations and subtle connections made in that article that are intended to scare people and paint the Carlie/Powell campaign, as well as the YourState slate, in a negative light.

Let me start off with this: it is completely legitimate for a coalition of individuals in fraternity/sorority life to support candidates that they believe will represent them. Greek life is vastly underrepresented in Student Government, and if there are people in Greek life who want to change that, they have every right to do so. They are not beholden to the opinions of the occupants of the seats they are trying to win. The incumbents would rather the Greek community just stay silent and obey, and maintain the status quo.

The previous article brought up the fact that many senate races are determined by <5 votes. This is true, but why? It’s because students generally either (1) don’t think Student Government really matters or (2) they don’t even know it exists. Is it not a good thing if we increase voter turnout? Is it not a good thing to let more people know about Student Government? Is it not a good thing to allow people to represent their respective groups’ interests?

The article complains that few members of the YourState slate are not experienced members of the Senate. Let me reiterate: It is a GOOD thing to have more new people getting involved. It shows that more members of the Wolfpack community are starting to care. The article attempts to assume (incorrectly) the intentions of those on the YourState slate, that they are operating only in the interest of Greek life. First, the slate is not exclusively Greek. Second, that assumption is predicated on the idea that Greek students will ONLY be representing the interests of Greek life, which sounds quite hypocritical coming from the mouth of an individual who is in Greek life (irony in its greatest sense).

A person’s major is arguably much more important in their life, with Greek life operating as a background structure distinct from non-Greek students. Also, it is important to know the difference between a “political party” and a slate. An incumbent slate was presented in the CALS delegation, but what do THEY stand for? What are THEY about, other than keeping their own seats in their own self interests?

The final section is the most malicious smear of this entire article. The article dares to compare the campaigns mentioned to a hateful and bigoted cult on absolutely zero grounds. This blatant use of political spin and fear to benefit one’s own political standing is precisely the sort of thing that NC State students should detest. It is a shameful accusation, and I am extremely disappointed to see members of the Wolfpack community stooping to this level.

Stay informed, and make sure you know both sides of the story. You are not immune to propaganda of this kind. It’s time that the Wolfpack community woke up to this sort of thing.

**Conner Paszko is a third-year studying political science. He a candidate for College of Humanities and Social Sciences senator, as well as a staff member on the Higgins/Braddock campaign, and member of the YourState 2020 slate.  The views he expresses in this article are his own and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of his campaign or the YourState 2020 slate.