letter to the editor

To Jonathan Carter, editor-in-chief of Technician,

This is in response to an article that Technician published on February 10, 2019 entitled “Feed the Pack reacts to government shutdown, expands hours”. I would first like to say that as a student at NC State, I’m proud that my Wolfpack community would support such an important organization that provides a service that is very beneficial to our community. People of the Wolfpack community will remember that in February of 2018, NC State published a study titled: “Food and Housing Security Among NC State Students”; in this study we see that approximately 14 percent of our students are classified as food insecure, so Feed the Pack is an essential resource that our campus needs.

I would just like to say, in regards to the Technician article, I applaud both Mike Ginacola (Student Ombuds) and Thu Le (Executive Director of Feed the Pack Pantry) for their quick response to this recent government shutdown. As expressed in a previous statement, a lot of our students are identified as food insecure, and with the government having been shutdown, their source of food for a period of time was up in the air. As with the government being shutdown for such a time, SNAP benefits were paid out earlier and there was a bigger gap in which people couldn’t get benefits. This exacerbated the problem of food insecurity on this campus even more.

So I appreciate that the Feed the Pack pantry extended its hours of operations; this makes it easier for those students who either work, or are at school at this time. We as a community cannot control, in some sense, when the next government shutdown will be; but as my father once said, we can control our response. We as the Wolfpack community must help out those who need it the most, and with extending the hours of Feed the Pack, we’ve taken that first step.

Noah P. Grady is a third-year studying political science and sociology.