Opinion Graphic

As we move on in 2021 and vaccines are becoming more available, the Biden administration has called on all states to make the vaccine available for all adults by May 1. This has led many states, including our own, to open the entertainment industry, which consists of restaurants, amusement parks, museums, sports arenas, movie theaters, etc., but as cases have risen in Florida due to increasing traffic during spring break, it leads to the question: Should we really go to the movies? 

This question is more complicated than a simple yes or no answer. If you have a condition that makes you more receptive to COVID-19, such as a weakened immune system (this can come from conditions like cancer, HIV, smoking and obesity) or not having received the full vaccine, then you shouldn’t go in condensed areas such as movie theaters. However, if you are young, healthy, wearing a mask and following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines, then you should be able to partake in some of these events to an extent. 

To be completely honest, I have some personal reasons for wanting the young and healthy to be able to go to movies. My brother and I loved to go to movies in Raleigh during our freshman and sophomore year, and honestly, I would love to go to the movies again before I graduate this semester. 

This leads to the point of this article, that ultimately it is up to each of us to decide if it is worth the risk to not only us but to those around us. I live with my twin brother, and when we go outside, we both wear masks and keep 6 feet from other people, so I feel safe. But someone who may live with their elderly parents and grandparents or with someone whose immune system is compromised might not feel as safe, and that is entirely understandable. 

I get that this point is not very helpful and that it may not be as encouraging as you may have liked, but let me offer one absolute and hope for the returning of normal. If you get your vaccine, you should be able to carry on a somewhat normal life as long as you wear a mask. The vaccine is our one best chance for life returning to a state of normal, so go get it. 

We live in a new world where, for the first time in 100 years, we have been struck with a pandemic, and scientists think this could become a somewhat normal event. This also means that we must be more cautious in what we do and that things like masks and social distancing will likely continue. However, our caution does not need to become terror. If we are healthy, follow the advice of experts, and most importantly get vaccinated, then we should be able to go to the movies in our new world.