Student Government holds a protest against Chadwick Seagraves, Philip Rivers ends a legendary career which started at NC State and we spotlight the a capella group Jawaani.
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Here are this week's top stories:

SG freeze-out protest marches against Seagraves, calls for resignation

On Jan. 19, Student Government led a five-hour demonstration, both on campus and virtually, calling for the resignation of Chadwick Seagraves and offering a safe space for all students.

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Waterline break causes flooding in Bragaw Hall’s basement, affected students relocated

A waterline break on Dan Allen Drive led to the relocation of all students who were planning to live in Bragaw Hall. Due to the severity of the damages, it could be months before the building is habitable. Read More



A look back at NC State legend Philip Rivers’ career

NC State and NFL legend Philip Rivers announced his retirement from the NFL. Correspondent Wade Bowman reflects on Rivers’ journey to the league from a two-star recruit to surefire Hall of Famer. Read More


Arts Culture

Meet Jawaani: NC State’s South-Asian fusion a cappella group

Jawaani is a South-Asian fusion a cappella group on campus that brings a unique cultural experience and allows for a sense of community for South Asian students involved in the arts. Learn about their upcoming album and how they hope to use it to break South Asian stereotypes. Read More



EDITORIAL: NC State administration harboring Seagraves contradicts its ‘anti-racism stance’

It's safe to say that many students, staff and faculty found NC State's decision to keep Chadwick Seagraves on staff disappointing. We, the editorial board, are now calling for his resignation. Read More



Band Spotlight: We sit down with a very special 'Guest'

Get to know this NC State-based duo 'Guest' as they discuss what makes them unique from other bands and inspires their music and much more!

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