Breaking News Graphic (campus)

Graphic by Kyle Howe

NC State University announced a number of changes to the spring semester on Oct. 22, including the removal of spring break and in its place adding four wellness days spread throughout the semester.

The four wellness days are to provide a respite for the community and according to the email, faculty will be instructed to not schedule tests or deadlines on days following these wellness days.

Classes for the semester will begin on Jan. 19 and end on April 30, the email stated.The additional week prior to the beginning of the semester will allow the university to implement a “robust COVID-19 testing strategy for returning students.”

In the email, NC State also announced the return of Reading Day this semester, with finals taking place between May 3-10. Spring Commencement will be on May 15 according to the email.

According to the email, the university will provide more information on testing, quarantine and isolation plans, on-campus housing and community standards starting next week.