Students should expect the Wolfline bus system to look different this fall. The bus system will implement many changes, including new social distancing protocols, modified bus routes and extensive cleaning procedures, according to Yolanda Jones, communication manager for NCSU Transportation. 

“We are excited to have students back on campus,” Jones said. “Thankfully, campus hasn’t been very lonely. We actually still have several students living in student housing right now, and they’ve actively used our Wolfline”

According to Jones, each bus will have a maximum capacity of 21 passengers, 18 sitting and three standing, and social distancing signage will be posted to indicate where passengers can sit or stand. She also said that some stops from the Wolfline have been removed and Transportation encourages students to walk on campus when they can. 

All passengers will be required to wear face masks on the Wolfline and there will be sanitizing stations on each bus, according to Jones. 

Jones also said that all Wolfline buses now have a hatch to let in outside air when weather permits. This is a new feature that will give students fresh air while on the bus. 

Byron Bryant, NC State’s transit manager, said that while campus has been shut down, the Wolfline has continued using eight buses. 

“We modified routes for our remaining students, such as a specific housing shuttle and some of these routes took students directly to the dining halls,” Bryant said. 

According to Bryant, the operation of the Wolfline will be dependent on how many in-person classes are held. Bryant said Transportation anticipates 50% of classes to be in person, but will wait until that number is official to make final plans.

Regardless of how many buses are running, students should still treat the buses as they did before, according to Bryant. For example, if one bus route was particularly busy pre-COVID at 10 a.m., it will likely be busy this semester at 10 a.m. 

Students should download the TransLoc (RIDER) app, which depicts new routes, stops and the capacity of each bus on the Wolfline. The app will be critical for social distancing, will save time and make student’s lives easier, according to Jones.

“I want to emphasize that the buses have been renumbered and the routes will not stop at every stop,” said Jones. “It is important for students to learn these new routes and use TransLoc to identify the buses.”

Both Jones and Bryant said that their main goal is to keep bus drivers and passengers safe. 

Jones said, “our goal is to keep our students safe and provide them with a method of transportation that still works for them.”

Watch Transportation’s “Campus Reactivation” video to learn about more changes to the Wolfline and alternative transportation recommendations. 

Learn more about Transportation’s plan for the fall on their website



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