Raleigh Police Uniform

The Raleigh Police Department provides security at PNC Arena events. 

Body camera footage released on Thursday shows that during a confrontation on May 19, a Raleigh police officer shot a man holding what appeared to be a gun during a confrontation at an apartment complex in North Raleigh.

On May 19, a Raleigh police officer shot a man in the stomach who, according to body camera footage, looked to be pointing an apparent weapon at the officer.

Michael Anthony Hendricks Jr. was holding an “Airsoft gun” pointed at Officer C.T. Melochick. Airsoft guns are manufactured to look very similar to real guns, except with orange tips on their barrels so as to distinguish them from real weapons. The gun Hendricks was pointing had its tip removed, which is illegal

Police and firefighters arrived at Quail Ridge Apartments complex after reports that Hendricks, allegedly a military veteran, was “having a flashback.” However, Raleigh police were not able to confirm Hendricks had military history.

Police arrived and spoke with Hendricks’ roommate, only to have Hendricks come and point the gun at Melochick. He was ordered to drop his weapon, and after refusing, Melochick shot him in the abdomen. Hendricks was later taken to WakeMed Hospital.

According to the Herald Sun, Hendricks was not listed as a WakeMed patient as of Thursday, meaning he has been either released or invoked a “privacy designation.”