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Courtesy of Action Network 

On Jan. 8, an NC State student created a petition calling for the immediate firing of Chadwick Jason Seagraves, a desktop support manager in the Office of Information Technology, who has been under investigation by the University since Nov. 17, 2020, due to claims linking him to the Proud Boys, a white nationalist organization, and the doxxing of Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland and Asheville. 

The petition states that Seagraves’ employment at the University threatens the safety of students, especially minorities, those of color and activists. It further states that if Seagraves remains employed at NC State, that would send a message to the Raleigh community that the University tolerates white supremacy. 

Seagraves has denied the allegations in a statement to Technician on Nov. 25, and said he is not a member of the Proud Boys.

“I have been subjected to an organized campaign of slander composed of outright lies, half truths, and out of context claims initiated by anonymous anarchists and ‘antifascists’ that is designed to punish me and suppress my right to political expression using intimidation and the Heckler’s veto with the intent to destroy my career and reputation,” Seagraves said in the statement.

The anonymous student who created the petition said they felt the need to take action due to the University's slow response to the allegations against Seagraves. In the petition, the student described the response as "abhorrent."

“It just kind of seemed like they weren’t going to do anything,” the student said. “I want an apology [from the University], and on top of that, I want them to actually have a public investigation, where we can see what’s going on and we can see the evidence against him. To be honest, that’s all I wanted.”

The student cited morals and humanity, rather than political affiliation, as the reason for their anger. 

“It’s not a left or a right thing; it’s not about me not liking this guy because of his political views,” the student said. “It’s the fact that he's actually made steps to attack activists, attack students, attack students of color. The language he used in all of his posts was abhorrent.”

As of Jan. 11 at 10:40 a.m., the petition has collected 1,965 signatures with a goal of 2,000.

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This article will be updated once the University responds to the petition or releases a statement on the matter.